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The origins of Jordan Bardella, between Italy and Algeria, a political subject ?

The president of the RN claims his foreign origins. Jordan Bardella even relies on these to illustrate the model of assimilation that he defends.

Jordan Bardella appears to be destined for à mark French political life for a long time. At only 28 years old, the president of the National Rally can count on a career lasting several decades, as his leadership of the far-right French party ccedil;ais appears today as à both assured and very little contested. Whether or not he becomes Prime Minister in July, he undoubtedly embodies the renewal of the party created and led by the Le Pens for more than 40 years. And that's not nothing, the young man has foreign origins that he claims and on which he relies to talk about integration , identity and immigration.

Because if Jordan Bardella was born; in September 1995 à Drancy, in the Paris suburbs, Her mother, Luisa Bertelli-Mota, was born in 1962 near Turin, of Italian parents,  Severino Bertelli-Motta and Iolanda Benedetto. Both of Jordan Bardella's maternal grandparents lived through childhood. Nichelino before emigrating to the Paris suburbs in 1963.

The father of the boss of the RN is himself of Italian and Franco-Algerian origin, according to information from Jeune Afrique . His paternal grandmother is in fact the daughter of an Algerian from Kabylie, Mohand Seghir Mada, born oacute; à Guendouz. This man has settled in in France in the 1930s to Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon, to work in the textile and construction industry.< /p>

Italian origins highlighted

The native of Drancy has woven a well-crafted narrative about his Italian origins for several years. “I came from elsewhere, became from here” he now says from the podium of his meetings, although he spent his entire youth and young adult life in Seine-Saint-Denis. And to add, as if he himself had immigrated to France with a desire of assimilation:  "I made the republican effort".

The verse is also quickly found; for those who have three grandparents out of four born in Italy: "I am à 75% Italian,” he repeats. everywhere, in public meetings or on television sets. And to insist that the RN, like the FN before it, has the slogan: "France çis deserved, whereù çit's inherited". Understand: my grandparents were integrated through work in France and through their desire to join. to blend into French culture. History does not say, however, what his grandparents thought, who could read Jean-Marie Le Pen's posters in the 1980s "1& nbsp;million unemployed, that's 1 million too many immigrants!"

A notable discretion on his Algerian great-grandfather

History also does not say why Jordan Bardella is very discreet about his distant Algerian origins. Perhaps because the far right is not the most willing to respond. benevolence à with regard to the immigrant population from Algeria. In July 2023, Marine Le Pen's niece, Marion Marchal, fervent defender of a union of the far right , had these words in a meeting: "42% of Algerians have no employment activity; in France and they represent the first nationality in the world. Foreigner in prison. We are not the daycare of Algeria!"

A lightning ascent far right

Jordan Bardella therefore grew up Drancy, a commune in Seine-Saint-Denis. He began his schooling there. before continuing studies at university Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis, although he did not complete his university studies, preferring to devote himself fully to political activism. Very quickly spotted. by Marine Le Pen, he will experience a meteoric rise.

The young man joined the National Front in 2012,   only 16 years old. A very early commitment testifies to his very identity-based convictions, while Marine Le Pen's party then had no experience of becoming a leader. parliamentary nothing of weight nor the stripes of notability; current. Jordan Bardella quickly climbed the party ladder: in 2015 he became a parliamentary assistant, in 2017 he was appointed parliamentary assistant. spokesperson for the FN, and in 2018, he led Generation Nation, the youth branch of the RN​.

In 2019, à Only 23 years old, he led the RN list in the European elections and was elected deputy. European. His campaign propelled him to the forefront of the political scene. In 2021, he is appointed; interim president of the RN by Marine Le Pen, then elected president of the party in 2022, officially succeeding Le Pen. Marine Le Pen. The young man was also arrested. up to 'à very recently in a relationship with Nolwenn Olivier, the granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, a fact which underlines his close links with the founding family of the RN.

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