“The ostrich hides its head in the sand”: a Polish magazine published a cartoon of Scholz (photo)

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A caricature of the German Chancellor appeared on the cover of one of the weeklies. Berlin becomes an ostrich when it comes to helping Ukraine defeat Russia, the authors of the article pointed out.

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On January 22, the Polish edition of Wprost released a new issue, on the cover of which they placed a caricature of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The head of government was compared to ostriches, which hide their heads in case of fright. Scholz was depicted on a tank, the muzzle of which is hidden in the sand, and ostriches stand around him.

“Berlin stubbornly hides its head in the sand when it comes to helping to defeat Russia. Moscow poses a threat to NATO unity and the security of Europe “, – writes columnist Yakub Melnik.

In an article that appeared on the newspaper's website on January 19, before the print issue was released, Melnik notes the irritation of NATO allies with Scholz's stubbornness.

“Actions against the interests of most allies lead to the isolation of Germany. Not only Central Europe, Scandinavia, the United States and Great Britain have been trying for several months to convince Berlin to send Ukraine the necessary weapons. France, which has so far conceded to Germany in supporting the aggressive Russian regime, is losing patience.

Paris is considering sending APU tanks. This will further aggravate the isolation of Scholz, who refused direct assistance from Germany and permission to send German tanks to Ukraine from other NATO countries, the article says.

Thanks to the actions of the Chancellor, Germany, which was considered the undisputed leader of Europe, is turning into a serious burden on the EU and NATO, according to a Polish observer.

“Scholz's insidious actions have meant that Germany will never again be allowed to lead anything in relation to the security of the EU. This is especially true of the United States, which until now accustomed to looking at Europe through the prism of Germany's interests,” the journalist wrote.

Following the results of the 8th meeting at the Ramstein air base, Ukraine did not receive Western tanks because of the position of Germany. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius on January 20 stated that there were supposedly good reasons not to send heavy equipment to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On January 21, the media wrote that the former German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht, a few days before her resignation, banned the inventory of Leopard tanks.