The other follies of the Mélenchon program

Smic at 1,400 euros net, universal income for young people, cancellation of the debt… “The candidate for Matignon” could revolutionize the French economy. I subscribe for 1€ the 1st month

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is ready. Ready to govern and settle in Matignon. In addition to retirement at 60, here are some elements of his program.

Raise the minimum wage to 1,400 euros net

With the automatic increases, the monthly net minimum wage has already reached 1,302 euros and should continue to rise to keep up with inflation. By increasing the cost of labour, the measure would risk degrading the competitiveness of companies, which would also be deprived of the competitiveness-employment tax credit (converted by Emmanuel Macron into a reduction in social security contributions).

Providing a universal income to young people

He promises an allowance of 1,063 euros for all young people detached from their parents' tax household.

Cancel France's debt held by the ECB

This proposal would skyrocket borrowing costs in France, while the leader of LFI already wants to get rid of certain European rules.

Introduce a marginal tax rate at… 90%

Those who make the most of their living would have cause for concern. The chief rebel dreams of increasing the marginal income tax bracket to 90% from 33,000 euros of monthly income. Beyond this amount, he would therefore take almost everything.

Increase expenses dramatically

It recommends 250 billion euros in new spending per year from 2027, i.e. 10 points of GDP in 2021, while France is already the champion in this area.

Granting a sixth week of paid leave

France, whose generous social model must be well funded, yet already records a lower overall volume of work than elsewhere… French people in employment work an average of 1,511 hours per year, compared to 1,743 in OECD countries. Mélenchon also wants to apply the 32 hours for night work and arduous jobs.

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