The outrageous incident at the last goodbye. It's all the priest's fault. What happened

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A drunk priest was holding a funeral. What threatens him?

Outrageous incident at the last farewell. It's all the priest's fault. What happened

According to the “O2” portal, a clergyman who tried to celebrate a priest is facing up to two years in prison funeral under the influence of alcohol. The situation took place in one of the Gdańsk cemeteries. Investigators are investigating a possible offense to religious feelings. The priest faces up to two years in prison.

Outrageous incident at funeral

An outrageous situation took place on December 1 at the Gdańsk Łostowice Cemetery. A priest from the parish of St. Maksymilian Kolbe tried to hold a funeral. The people gathered at the mourning ceremony smelled the scent of the clergyman from the priest. They also had the opportunity to see how a priest, having problems with maintaining balance, collapses on the ground.

The priest was unable to stay on his feet. The mourners had to lead him out of the cemetery because he was unable to leave on his own. The recording of the funeral went to the media. The son of the deceased man was not outraged by the priest's behavior.

< p>“It's a great shame, a trauma for me and my family. Dad was an exemplary Catholic and did not deserve such a pathetic goodbye,” the man was quoted by the portal “O2”. He added that the priest's superior sent him and his relatives an e-mail with an apology and a proposal of some form of compensation. Not only did it remove him from pastoral ministry, but he was also directed to treatment. The drunk priest's problems don't end there. An anonymous report was sent to the prosecutor's office and the police about the priest's offense to religious feelings.

At the moment, an investigation into the case is underway. If the allegation is confirmed, the clergyman faces a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to two years.

Outrageous incident in the-last-goodbye. It's all the fault of the priest. What happened

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