The owner of the horse, forcibly dragging her tied behind the pickup truck stirred up the public, caught on video

Владелица лошади, насильно тащившая ее привязанной за пикапом, всколыхнула общественность, попав на видео

The owner of the horse, forcibly dragging her tied behind the pickup truck stirred up the public, caught on video Author: Elena Abdulaeva Video has forced the police to investigate the case Photo: video Colorado horse news American news USA police investigation USA

A video that demonstrates both in the County of Grand, Colorado horse pull behind a pickup truck, led to the beginning of the investigation into animal cruelty by employees of the Sheriff’s office.

According to CBS Denver, the video was posted on Facebook on Sunday, and quickly stirred people across the country. Many contacted the County Sheriff’s office Grand about viewed videos, which led to the beginning of the investigation. The horse, which, as it turned out, the name’s Trigger, taken from the owners and taken to a veterinary clinic to have her condition evaluated by officers of the Department of animal control. The other 2 horses pair is not seized.

The woman who owns the horse along with his partner, agreed to give an interview to CBS Denver, provided that the camera will not take it off. A resident of Grand County did not want to be identified. Upset voice, she told reporter Matt Croshaw that he understands that it is wrong to use a horse: “I lost my job, I upset many people. I got our horse to go through what shouldn’t have. I was wrong”.

The video shows how tied to the pickup truck horse pull at least 100 yards on a snowy road while the animal fiercely resisted.

“I’m sorry. I understand why people are upset”,- told reporters the owner of the Trigger. “I was a jerk, I don’t know why we did it”.

“Cases-involving children and animals is very emotional”, said Grand County Sheriff Brett Chatlin. “We need to conduct an investigation, which sometimes takes more time than hoped the public”.

On Monday, President trump signed a law PACT Act, which first made cruelty to animals a Federal crime. Violators are waiting for the punishment to a fine, a jail term up to 7 years or both. Every state already has laws that prohibit cruelty to animals, but activists advocating for the rights of animals, saying that Federal law will simplify the sentencing in such cases, the penalty for which varies in different States.

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