The Parti Québécois is committed to creating a universal daycare system

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The Parti Québécois is committed to creating a universal daycare system

MNA for Joliette, Véronique Hivon, surrounded by Parti Québécois candidates in Outaouais during her visit to Gatineau on September 18, 2022.

The Parti Québécois came to present its policy on early childhood education services in the Outaouais on Sunday.

The MP for Joliette, Véronique Hivon, who by the way will not stand for re-election on October 3, was there with the candidate in Papineau, Audrey-Ann Chicoine, as well as the candidate Camille Pellerin-Forget in Hull.< /p>

Ms. Hivon reiterated her party's intention to transform all daycare centers in Quebec into government-subsidized childcare centres, in addition to ensuring a place for each child.

If it is brought to power, the Parti Québécois undertakes that all non-subsidized daycare centers will become so within five years. So all daycare spaces in Quebec would be $8.70 per day.

The difference between subsidized and unsubsidized daycare is really huge. There are parents who abdicate and decide to stay at home. We cannot afford that, especially when there is a labor shortage, said the MNA for Joliette.

This policy aims above all to keep women in the labor market, adds Ms. Hivon, citing a persistent disparity between men and women with regard to work and careers.

Véronique Hivon mentioned in particular that 'she was passing through the region to encourage the young candidates of her party who are standing for election. I want to see young women take their place in politics. They are role models and the people of the Outaouais are lucky to have them as candidates.

With information from Rosalie Sinclair

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