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The passport will disappear, several airports do without it already and its replacement is much more practical

“The passport is going to disappear, several airports are already doing without it and its replacement is much more practical”

The replacement for our good old passport has arrived. and it saves you time.

The passport is a precious key when you want to travel but it is also synonymous with a few hassles. Long deadlines and multiple papers to choose from. provide are among the pitfalls when obtaining your first passport or rewriting a passport that has arrived à expiry. This is only the beginning since you then have to go through multiple checks and queues as evidenced by the monstrous queues sometimes filmed at the customs post and border guards at Roissy airport… All while making sure you never misplace your papers.

Good news, it will (maybe) be over soon! If for several years, passport manufacturers but also States have been working on new and more modern solutions, a real boost has been achieved. crossed and augurs an imminent end to the precious paper sesame. Several airports are conducting experiments in this way. How does it work? The passenger is indeed checked. before boarding the plane but it is via a very simple digital document to be sent. obtain. The traveler "without passport" downloads a dedicated application in which he fills out a small digital file in a few minutes.

It is thus already possible to do without a passport Helsinki Airport, at least for some flights and destinations.  The experience is open to anyone. any traveler taking one of the eligible flights, those of the national company Finnair at destination UK. Since leaving the EU, the United Kingdom has requested new documents from European travelers and an identity card. is no longer sufficient. 'Passengers on Finnair flights to London, Edinburgh and Manchester can go through border control faster and easier than usual, without queuing. This is possible by downloading the DTC application and registering in advance as a voluntary user, the company said. the Finnish border guards. Authorization to board is included in a QR Code at your fingertips. simply present to your audience. a dedicated controller.

This is the first time that this digital document called DTC is open to the general public but other countries have already ; announced such projects. If you are planning to travel to Croatia, the Netherlands or Canada in the coming weeks, you may also be affected. Waiting for France? Please note that the project has Helsinki is partly funded by by the European Union and that France could therefore soon also test this digital document.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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