The Patient: an anxiety-provoking trailer for the serial killer thriller with Steve Carell


In The Patient trailer, a psychotherapist played by Steve Carell is taken hostage by a serial killer seeking treatment.

After a season 2 of Space Forcein halftone, and a brutal cancellation of the series, we were eager (as always) to find Steve Carell elsewhere. The comedian from The Office, who lends his voice in Minions 2, is thus soon back in a new series and, not to be duplicated, in a role to very intriguing counter-use. If the immense comic talent of Steve Carell is no longer to be proven, he has taken a more dramatic turn in recent years with brilliance (one thinks of the cynicism of Foxcatcher, the melancholy of Last Flag Flyingor the post-traumatic reconstruction of Welcome to Marwen).

And precisely, in the series< strong>The Patient, he embodies a tormented character at the center of a dark and disturbing plot. He plays a psychotherapist confronted with the madness of his patientas to his own demons… Captured by an unstable Domhnall Gleeson, he is forced to treat him before he gives in further to his murderous impulses. The first trailer gives a glimpse of the psychological duel.

The closeness between the psychiatrist and the killer is a great classic of modern thrillers (The Silence of the Lambs, Gothika, etc.) and seems here developed to its climax for a duration of ten episodes. Steve Carell, capable of anything, plunges into the psyche of a murderer in perdition while one can easily imagine that this one will, in the long term, also have access to the spirit of his doctor and his troubled past.

A very interesting proposal that we hope to see arrive soon. The Patient will however be available on the American streaming service, Hulu, from August 30th. In France, we can hope that the series will be broadcast quickly, probably on Disney+.


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