The pensioner from revenge burned cars in a car dealership (photo)


Retired from revenge burned cars in a car dealership (photo)

An elderly American burned four cars to the ground at night. Their total cost is $82,800.

In the United States, a 79-year-old man made his way to the parking lot of a car dealership at night and set cars on fire. Thus, he decided to avenge the car sold to him with a defect. This was reported on the official page of the O'Daniel Automotive Group dealership.

The incident occurred in the city of Fort Wayne (Indiana). Retired Dewey Frederick sneaked into a used car dealership at night, set fire to a signal flare, and shoved it into the fuel filler of a Jeep Compass.

Retired pensioner burned cars in a car dealership out of revenge (photo)

The crossover caught fire and soon the fire spread to two other cars – the GMC Acadia and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. An elderly American did not stop there and threw another flare into the cabin of the Pontiac Solstice convertible.

As a result, all four cars completely burned down. The dealership suffered $82,800 in damages.

The intruder was quickly identified as his pickup truck was filmed by CCTV cameras. Dewey Frederick explained to the police that the hour of reckoning had come.

Retiree set fire to cars in car dealership out of revenge (photo)

Retiree burned cars in a car dealership out of revenge (photo)

It turned out that the American still In 1986, I bought a Jeep SUV from this dealership. Over time, a defect in the engine was discovered in the car, but the dealer did not want to fix it. And now, 36 years later, the buyer decided to take revenge on the seller.


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