The perfect travel companion: the easiest dog breeds to travel with


July 13, 2022, 10:00 | Animals

What dogs like to travel.

The ideal companion: the easiest dog breeds to travel with

Dogs are great travel companions, and any dog ​​owner who has had the opportunity to take their pet on a trip can confirm the fact that this exciting adventure should not be missed, Ukr.Media informs.

Traveling involves traveling to a destination that often does not provide ideal conditions for a pet.

If you're a travel enthusiast thinking about getting a pet, travel restrictions can be a major challenge.

Experts have come up with a list of three dog breeds that will enjoy every moment with you—dogs that obedient by nature, some even hypoallergenic – they are ideal for traveling and will be great companions without having to leave them with someone to take care of them.

A dog like ideal travel companion – criteria and tips

Depending on the type of trip, i.e. the type of vehicle you plan to use, there will be different conditions that your pet must meet and that you must comply with to ensure that the trip goes smoothly and with minimal stress for both you and your pet.

Most carriers determine the criteria based on the size of the pet, i.e. the weight of the pet and the carrier in which the pet needs to be placed. Most often, this is a measure of eight kilograms, but the exact conditions differ from company to company.

On airplanes, for example, dogs weighing up to eight kilograms will usually be able to travel with you, while heavier ones will have to travel in the hold of the plane, which won't be a pleasant experience for every dog.

If you plan to travel with a pet, it is recommended that the carrier is available for your pet and in your home so that the dog considers the carrier to be its safe space. Thus, you will prepare your pet in a timely manner for a long stay in a small confined space.

Which breeds of dogs are ideal for traveling

It is known that dog breeds, among other things, differ in size and temperament, which distinguishes some from others in the form of easier travel arrangements, fewer required additional procedures, as well as better travel tolerance at the breed level.

These characteristics do not necessarily have to be 'defined' and often the experience of traveling with a pet will depend on the individual character of the dog, which may deviate completely from the established belief about its breed or depend on upbringing and habits , which the pet has acquired through certain training.

If you are a travel lover and at the same time looking for the perfect four-legged pet, then use this list! Here are three dog breeds that are naturally designed to make sure you have a great time on vacation—no matter where you're headed.

Curly Bichon – white "lion" with a sweet look

The perfect travel companion: the easiest dog breeds to travel with

Recognizable by its white fur and kind eyes, the Curly Bichon is ideal for becoming an excellent traveling companion. This is a particularly popular breed of dog that belongs to small breeds – weighing from five to a maximum of ten kilograms.

Curly Bichon is easy to teach good manners. Moreover, dogs of this breed do not like to be alone, so they will be especially happy if you decide to take them with you on a trip.

Chihuahua is the smallest breed in the world.

The ideal companion: dog breeds, which are the easiest to travel with

Chihuahuas are a popular breed of dog that is one of the most convenient if you plan to spend a lot of time on the road with your pet – they are extremely small, weighing from one to three kilograms.

They love warmth, so during long trips they will be happy if you take them in your arms. They can be very demanding if pampered, but with good motivation they are ready and, above all, able to learn quickly.

Yorkshire terrier is a cheerful and pleasant companion

The ideal companion: the easiest dog breeds to travel with

The Yorkshire terrier is another dwarf breed weighing up to eight kilograms, so it perfectly adapts to the conditions that you can provide for your pet during a trip.

If you are a lover of long walks and outdoor activities — York will be your ideal companion, which is very mobile and especially likes to jump in the fresh air. They don't like the cold, so they will cozy up in a carrier or on your arms — enjoying your attention.


How as a person who likes to travel and plans to spend more time on the road, you need to think carefully about getting another family member – a four-legged pet who will not always be able to be in the same travel conditions as you.< /p>

That is why it is best to choose a dog that will be calm in nature and generally have good relationships with other people and dogs, so that the organization of the trip does not become a headache for you.

The truth is, that any dog ​​can be your excellent travel companion – both within the country and abroad, only if it is well and timely prepared for everything that awaits it on the trip.


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