“The phrase” it is written on fate “means only one thing – fate can be rewritten”

“The phrase” it is written on fate “means only one thing – fate can be rewritten”

The statue of the god Shiva you are Murdeshwara. Photo source: arttravelblog.ru Olesya Lukashova, doctor, leader of personal growth trainings:

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There are two main gods in Hinduism. God Shiva is the destroyer. God Vishnu is a creator. And it so happened that I traveled in India to those places that are associated with Shiva. Sage Muniraj tried to lead me away from the path of Shiva. But he failed. I traveled most of the mountain road to Kedarnath in a rented car. Then she walked. The Kedarnath temple and the town near it are located at an altitude of 3600-3700 m above sea level. The light is turned on here only at night, there is no hot water.

Snow still lay on the slopes in May. I went for a walk around Kedarnath and met on the street a Russian – 55-year-old Lydia, a tourist with 35 years of experience. She lived in Novosibirsk and wandered for three or four months every year. A few hours after we met, I started having altitude sickness. I couldn't really take a single breath. Probably, my condition was affected by a recent cold. I felt terribly bad. I lay in a dark, cold room in a stone barrack, misunderstood as a hotel. On the street – about zero degrees. The lights haven’t been turned on yet.

I had a strange state – I existed separately from my suffering body, and my thoughts were absolutely clear. Lydia came and took me to her room. I didn’t get up for two days, she didn’t leave me. And all the time she warmed and served hot tea.

When I think what would have happened to me without her, I cannot find the answer to this question. Everything was predetermined: meditation in Varanasi, my cold, Muniraj's ban on travel, altitude sickness and meeting with Lydia. Something was changing – with me and in me.

After two days it got better. Lydia and I laughed a lot, cooked a vegetable stew. Water at such a height did not want to boil, vegetables – to boil. We spent three hours and ate half-baked. Finally we climbed on donkeys to the famous temple. They performed a ceremony for Shiva. Residents, stunned by the shock – two white women at once, in unison asked us to take a picture with them. I left all my mountain equipment in Kedarnath – my jacket, warm clothes. I gave the rest to Lydia – she'll need it. And she returned to Delhi. It was easy for me – I knew that I had done everything that followed.

We are all just people

My flight was postponed at the airport. I wrote my diary on my laptop. A neighbor noticed that I was writing in Russian letters. We got to talking. It turned out that he is a Tajik from Moscow. Several years ago he studied in Volgograd with an Indian friend whom he was visiting now. An Indian came up to us and, in good Russian, offered the Tajik to guard my luggage, and I should go with him to the market for souvenirs and sweets. A guy from Georgia came up to us – he also wanted to go for souvenirs and sweets. We brought fruits and sweets from the city. The four of us settled down on suitcases to drink tea. And I suddenly thought it was a complete sur: a Russian, a Georgian, a Tajik from Moscow and an Indian are drinking tea together on suitcases and literally breaking the same bread for all. And no social and national prejudices for you. This is possible only in India – it snatches you out of reality and transfers you to new rails of being.

Where the astrologer was right and wrong

Two weeks after returning to Moscow with mutual friends, I met a man – a brunette, taller than me, older than me, the Sun in Libra, the Moon in Pisces. And a stormy romance broke out between us. He just broke up with a woman whom he idolized for several years and in whom he became disillusioned. And our love kindled on the coals of his old feeling. I am plump, blue-eyed and fair-haired, in no way resembled his tall, dark-haired girlfriend. Maybe that's why he reached out to me, and at the same time still resisted his feeling. Another two weeks passed. And I met another man, a young blond man, about whom the astrologer did not say a word to me. And my feeling for the first changed instantly – it became friendly and calm, and all the love and all the heat of passions went to this second, not foreseen.

A year has passed

It was difficult for me. I thought a lot about the outcome of my trip to India. And I got the following picture: what the astrologer predicted to me was one of the options for the development of my life. I literally felt it with my spinal cord. But I came to India to get away from him and find a new one. Changes have begun in Varanasi. I went to Muniraj – he tried to return me to my previous path in life, but with an effort of will and my new thoughts I resisted and went the other way. At Kedarnath, the transition was completed.

The husband predicted to me and quiet family happiness passed by. On the next road. I think that if we met this man in the fall, as the astrologer predicted, he would have already experienced the severity of the break with a tall brunette and could create new relationships. He would not struggle with anything in himself, and it would not be so difficult for me with him. But we met too early. He was still worried, but I did not want to take on the role of my beloved-comforter.

Now I know why they say that the horoscope is only the greatest probability of the development of events. And the phrase “it is written on fate” means only one thing – fate can be rewritten. But you are not destined to know whether you will gain or lose from this change. And the blue stone, presented by the astrologer, I have set in silver and have been carrying it with me for a year now. So you want to be under someone's reliable protection …

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