The physician told of ways to prevent the development of colon cancer

A doctor from Italy Renata Gili (Gili Renata) told me that it is vital to know about cancer of the colon. Against this background, the expert warned of the importance of lifestyle changes and timely medical examination.

Медик рассказал о способах предотвратить развитие рака прямой кишки

Colorectal cancer is the third most spoken in the world, second in number of deaths and shows a growing trend even among the population under the age of 50 years. According to him, most likely increases the risk of fatal disease: excessive consumption of red meat, sausages, alcohol and refined sugar. In the same list of risk factors: overweight and low physical activity, cigarette Smoking.

“Most cases of colon cancer develop from some injuries, which may occur in the intestine, commonly called polyps. Initially they do not consist of cells of a malignant tumor. Therefore benign tumors after many years may become malignant,” — said Renata Gili.

In connection with the foregoing, the physician believes it is important the appropriate screening to detect invisible bleeding as polyps can start to bleed for many years before the development of cancer. Colonoscopy, in turn, provides the opportunity to visualize the inside of the intestine and to confirm the possible presence of tissue growths, so that they can be remedied by reducing risks to life.

“If in the stool is blood, it could be hemorrhoids, but there is a risk of 30-40%, which is a developing tumor. And since most often we are talking about an early stage at which therapy is working well, we must put aside the fear of a colonoscopy, which scares many, but greatly increases the chances of recovery,” concluded the medic.

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