The pigeon performs a backflip three times and returns perfectly to the ground like a gymnast


July 29, 2022, 20:07 | Animals

Viral video surprised Internet users.

The pigeon performs a back flip three times and perfectly returns to the ground like a gymnast

A pigeon that can do a backflip surprised social media users, Ukr.Media informs.

A video with an acrobat pigeon was published on social networks and quickly went viral. The footage shows how the bird does two backflips in a row, landing perfectly on its paws. After watching the video, viewers joked that the pigeon could be sent to the Olympic Games, while others suspected him of bragging.

"Oh well, he's just bragging,' people wrote.

According to experts , there are some breeds of pigeons that have the innate ability to perform such backflips. Before taking off, this species performs an acrobatic stunt, then lifts off the ground.

"The consequences are difficult to assess, but they are clearly unfavorable, as they can lead to injuries due to impact with land', experts clarified.


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