The PLQ calls for an investigation into the counting of votes in Saint-Laurent

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The PLQ calls for an investigation into the counting of votes in Saint-Laurent

An “error” was allegedly made in a sector riding, according to MP Marwah Rizqy.

Marwah Rizqy wants to know what happened in polling division 144 in the riding of Saint-Laurent on October 3 (archives).

The Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) is asking the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec (DGEQ) to look into the votes cast on October 3 in polling division 144 in the riding of Saint-Laurent, where the Bloc Montreal, a third party, garnered significantly much higher support than elsewhere.

According to official results released by the DGEQ, the formation of ex-footballer Balarama Holness won 46.07% of the vote in the area of ​​Boudrias, Hartenstein and Buchanan streets, against 2.2% for the PLQ – a surprising result in this traditionally liberal riding.

However, a survey by Devoir published Wednesday morning suggests that these figures do not correspond to reality, the daily having met many more Liberal supporters on the spot than electors who voted for the Bloc. Montreal.

In light of this article, it seems that a manifest error may have been made, Liberal MP Marwah Rizqy, who was elected in Saint -Laurent on October 3.

Because every vote counts and must be properly counted, Ms. Rizqy is asking the DGEQ to investigate under the powers granted to her.

“It is important to protect the integrity of the electoral process and if there is an error, to correct it and above all, to learn from this error so as not to repeat it.

—Marwah Rizqy, Liberal MP for Saint-Laurent

Ms. Rizqy, however, specifies in her reaction that she will not request a judicial recount, because the conclusion sought must be the annulment of the election.

She also mentions being well aware that the courts are overcrowded and that taxpayers' money must be well invested.

The DGEQ has not yet reacted to his request .

The PLQ won 49.97% of the vote in Saint-Laurent on October 3. The Bloc Montreal, for its part, finished in sixth place, with 2.63% of the vote.

The two parties, however, achieved less success across Quebec . The PLQ, which managed to keep its place on the benches of the official opposition in the National Assembly, won 14.37% of the vote. The Bloc Montreal did not elect any MPs, obtaining 0.19% of the popular favour.

Reached by Radio-Canada, Balarama Holness said Wednesday that he had confidence in the rigorous processes of the DGEQ and said he had no doubt that the result [would remain] the same in polling division 144 in the event of a thorough investigation.

In the 2021 municipal elections, his Mouvement Montréal party won several sections and neither Valérie Plante nor Denis Coderre asked for an investigation. he underlined.

The Liberals, he says, should have a little more humility, given the worst campaign in their history.

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