The Poilievre effect? Fighting inflation in the backdrop for the next session in Ottawa

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The Poilievre Effect? Fighting inflation as a backdrop for the next session in Ottawa

The cost of living is the federal government's top priority, according to Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez.

Parliamentarians will resume work in Ottawa on Tuesday with one priority in mind: providing relief to Canadians who are suffering due to the increase in prices of goods and services.

The cost of living, really, is a priority. And housing. We invested $10 billion in the budget. Now, we have to make sure to collaborate with the provinces, with the municipalities, so that this money gets to the ground, declared the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Pablo Rodriguez, in an interview behind the scenes of power. .

This battle will be fought with a new interlocutor with a more acrimonious tone at the head of the official opposition. Pierre Poilievre, who won the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, has been hounding the Liberals for months on rising inflation.

He makes sentences of six to seven words on average, Rodriguez said. What comes next? It's easy to say: '' inflation is sickening! We have to fix that! '' We all agree with him. But after, what is it? What does it have to offer?

Several polls indicate that Canadians are worried about the rising cost of living and the performance of the economy, concerns expressed by Pierre Poilievre in his speeches. On his election night, the Conservative leader challenged Justin Trudeau not to raise taxes. If he becomes prime minister, Poilievre has pledged to eliminate the carbon tax and offset any new spending with cuts to the existing budget.

Pablo Rodriguez in interview.

It's a safe bet that the Leader of the Opposition will keep up the pressure on the government to lighten the burden of those who are struggling to make ends meet. For months, Pierre Poilievre has accused Ottawa of spending lavishly during the pandemic, causing prices to soar. Liberals blamed the inflationary spikes on disruptions in supply chains and the war in Ukraine.

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally announced measures totaling $4.5 billion including an enhanced GST tax credit, a children's dental benefit and a $500 rent allowance.< /p>

Rodriguez says the Liberal government will listen to Canadians and take further action if needed. Now whether it's Mr. Poilievre or another leader, we have to do the job. We won't do it because of him. We won't do it because he's here. We do it because we owe it to Canadians.

The Minister of Heritage recognizes that services to the public have experienced some failures recently, whether for the program passports or airport management.

Asked what the Liberals plan to do to regain the confidence of those who doubt the government's ability to run the country, the Minister replies: In life, it is not making a mistake that is serious. It's not being able to fix it. We made mistakes and we will make more. On the other hand, we are able to correct, then we corrected quickly. That's what matters.

Delays in issuing passports had resulted in long queues at Service Canada offices. (archives)

Mr. Rodriguez is also closely monitoring the Quebec elections. Without condemning anyone, he is sorry to see the debate surrounding immigration sometimes take on negative connotations.

Let's stop talking about ''we' x27;' and ''you''. Like us Quebecers. And you immigrants. Me, from the moment someone comes to settle in Quebec, raises their children in Quebec, works in Quebec, shows their love for Quebec, at that time, that person is a Quebecer.

He says he listens with interest to the proposals of all the parties and will work with all those who will be elected. He urges voters to go to the polls in large numbers because according to him, those who abstain, let others decide for them.

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