The Poles use the local museum-fortress for sex: the administration is outraged



  • Poles use the local museum-fortress for sex: the administration is outraged

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  • Poles use local sex fortress museum: administration outraged

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  • Poles use local fortress museum for sex: administration is outraged


  • Poles use local museum-fortress for sex: the administration is outraged

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  • Poles use local museum-fortress for sex: administration is outraged

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  • Poles use local museum-fortress for sex: management outraged

    The institution advised its guests to find another place for lovemaking, noting that security reviews all surveillance footage before deleting it.

    Some visitors to Poland's historic Fort Gerhard, better known as the Eastern Fort Museum, use the facility as a place to have sex. The museum administration turned to them, warning that the guards were watching video from surveillance cameras, and advised them to find another location for making love. The corresponding post appeared on the museum's Facebook page.

    “Our guests kindly ask… how to write this… well, ars amandi is not in the museum! The museum has been equipped with cameras for a long time! And those, if only they could speak….” – the post says.

    The press service of the museum joked that the unique exhibits located on the territory of the museum can cause “goosebumps and excitement”, but this is not a reason to use the institution for other purposes.

    “Loving guests, understand that most of the exhibits of our museum – these are objects “born” many years ago and subject to completely different moral standards. Conservative, even orthodox and restrained. We do not expose them to discomfort!” – said the museum.

    At the same time, the administration of the institution advised visitors to find other places for making love – for example, wild beaches located nearby.

    According to Hyperallergic, a screenshot of a post from the museum's press service went viral:

    • “Make love, not war!” — commented one of the users;
    • “Colleagues ask for a link with the entry! There is nothing more exciting than the sight of a gun!” another joked.

    The publication noted that Fort Gerhard was built back in the mid-19th century by the Prussian Empire – it was originally part of the Swinoujscie fortress, which was used by the Prussian army, and then by German troops until 1945, including during the German occupation. Since its public opening in 2001, the museum has hosted a permanent exhibition of uniforms, weapons, and military paraphernalia throughout its history. It remains one of the best preserved Prussian forts in Europe, attracting around 45,000 visitors a year.

    Public sex is illegal in Poland and can result in arrest, confinement, fines of up to 1,500 złoty (about 12 thousand UAH) or a reprimand, according to the Code of Minor Offenses.


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