The police appeal for help in searching for the missing thirteen-year-old Mikołaj. The boy disappeared without a trace

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Another announcement about the child's disappearance appeared on social media.

The police appeals for help in searching for the missing thirteen-year-old Mikołaj. The boy has disappeared without a trace

This time it is about 13-year-old Mikołaj Suma, an inhabitant of Międzylesie, who was last seen on October 3 this year .

The boy has not made a sign of life so far. His relatives are very worried about him!

Leaving his house in Międzylesie, the teenager was heading for a tournament to be held in Poznań. The event was supposed to last 3 days, but the date was postponed. Until now, the whereabouts of Santa Claus are unknown, and the boy has not made contact with any relatives or friends.

When family members saw the teenager for the last time, he was wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt with red prints on front, black sweatpants, navy blue sports shoes and an olive-colored knee-length jacket. The 13-year-old is tall, 170 cm tall, his eyes are brown, his nose is straight, and his hair is short and dark.

Also an appeal to people with any data related to the child's current place of stay.

Contact was also given with the district police headquarters in Świebodzin and other forms of sharing information helpful in finding Mikołaj were provided – a person corresponding to the above-mentioned description, please contact the Police in Świebodzin on the number 47 79 35 211 or the emergency number 112.

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