The police are warning once again. Be vigilant, the lack of it can cost us dearly


Police warn against scammers.

 The police warns again. Be vigilant, the lack of it can cost us a lot

As reported by the” Radio Zet “portal, although it seems that similar appeals the police have appeared many times, there are still many people who are deceived by frauds. Unfortunately, the latter keep coming up with new ideas to get rich on their victims. The method for granddaughter and policant has recently been changed to the method for medical companies. Get to know the details!

Medical company scam

Journalists of the TVN station inform about seniors who fell victim to frauds. They received a proposal for free tests that were to be part of a medical package, the offer of which seemed to be exceptionally attractive.

“I used a few treatments, and these meetings began to shift in time” – reported one of the victims of the procedure. The woman's struggle to get her money back has been going on for two years now and there are no signs that the matter will end soon.

A resident of Krakow is one of over a thousand cheated people. Currently, an investigation is underway in the Warsaw prosecutor's office, in which 7 people have already heard accusations. They are accused of participating in an organized crime group and fraud up to several million zlotys.

 The police warn again. Be vigilant, failure to do so can cost us dearly

Seniors particularly vulnerable

Seniors are a group that is particularly often targeted by criminals. Every year, retirees lose PLN 85 million in all kinds of fraud. Research conducted by the Krakow-based MANKO association shows that as many as 30 percent of seniors admitted that an attempt was made against them for fraud.

Unfortunately, every tenth such case ended with huge financial losses for the senior. in which they let themselves be deceived. The police are calling for us to be vigilant and carefully check any suspicious offers and information provided to us over the phone.

 The police are warning again. Be vigilant, lack of it can cost us a lot

Have you come across a fraud attempt by phone or text message?


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