The posh fashion relegates the choni

The posh fashion relegates the choni

The posh fashion relegates the choni

The knitted vest, the sweater on the shoulders, the jacket, the tie, the pleated skirt or the moccasin shoe combined with more contemporary and opposite garments such as jean jeans “create the new ‘preppy’ style, also called posh. Is he beginning of the end of the tracksuit and the choni.

On the catwalk and in the street you can see how it is changing from the tracksuit and the clothes that mark curves and show skin to more sophisticated, sweet and contained garments, a mix between casual and formal as well demonstrated Lady Di in their more informal outings.

That is to say, a trend in which the good-kid aesthetic he wore on American campuses in the 80s and 90s and, of course, also those of his parents, a fashion that the Kennedy clan wore.

An elite social class that dressed in navy blue blazers, cashmere high-necks, loafers, short-sleeved polo shirts combined with Bermuda shorts, beige chinos with long-sleeved shirts, white linen dresses or cotton sweatshirts with shields of the universities.

For three seasons, designers and stylists have offered small glimpses of this trend that has seduced the generation Z that, without any complex, combines conservative pattern garments and traditional fabrics with other more daring and characterful.

Men and women return to embrace that aesthetic of the 80s and 90s wearing Oxford shirts -white, blue, pink or green- loafers and polo shirts, a fashion that is now called ‘Old money’ and sweeps social networks like Instagram or Tick-Tock.

But posh is not stale or boring. It is a trend that is identified with wealthy people and aristocrats. “Labels such as commercial designer or posh couturier have hurt me,” he told EFE Jorge Vazquez at the presentation of his latest show at the Ritz hotel, where he presented distinguished garments in balance between old and new.

And precisely, the needlework is the maximum trend; proof of this are the outfits of Penélope Cruz signed by Chanel or that of Anna of Arms wore in Paris to attend the parade of Louis Vuitton, a sweet pink minidress with a flirty bow and gold and silver details, with a certain sixties air.

Also the proposals of Alvarno, a firm that uses velvet, jeans and white shirts to give life to garments with “shine, shine and shine”, they explain Álvaro Castejón and Arnaud Maillard, creative directors of the firm.

Now, they wear the cute dresses, the sweater tied over the shoulders, over shirts or polo shirts with the high neck, and not exactly to keep warm, but as an accessory in the style of Gigi Hadid, Victoria Beckham and Leandra Medine.

And in ‘preppy’ fashion, the white pants are not only for summer, they also triumph in winter, both for men and women, combined with camel, navy blue or black sweaters, as well as denim shirts or rugby polo with horizontal stripes and contrasting colors.

The knitted vest is one of the most desired garments, It combines with everything and is suitable to be worn under a blazer, combined with blouses, shirts or T-shirts.

This style has also become a men’s favorite as they already look David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, some of the best dressed in the world.

On the feet, loafers, sports shoes or shoes with toe caps in contrast to the style of the legendary Chanel flats, footwear that can be worn with nineteenth-century-looking dresses, trouser suits and jacket, chinos or jeans.

The new aristocratic airs invite you to show off jeans with tweed jackets and heels, cardigans, shirts with frills, flirty bags, sweaters with baby collars and fabrics such as corduroy, velvet or plaid.

It is the opportune moment to hide fanny pack, backpack, fitted skirt, tracksuit, patent-effect garments, ordinary necklines and, of course, ‘ugly’ sneakers and platforms.

“It is fashionable to be dressed up, with a ‘lady’ touch,” says the fashion expert Pepa Fernández, who predicts: “We all like to see ourselves favored, whether it is posh or not.”

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