The predictions of astrologers for the year 2020 for each Zodiac Sign

Предсказания астрологов на 2020 год для каждого Знака Зодиака

The astrologers told about what will be in 2020 for different Signs of the Zodiac. Their recommendations will help to prepare for future events to avoid problems and achieve success.

This is a very unstable time. For twelve months the situation will change frequently, and this should be prepared in advance. Prudent people astrologers are advised to seek the assistance of the lunar calendar, where they will find tips for a month, a year, for a week and every day.


The Rams 2020 will start with bright emotions. It’s not just about the Christmas holidays, but January and February as a whole. Spring will be measured and the most favorable time, when it will be possible to work productively, and relax. Autumn and summer will bring the rams a lot of new friends, so this is the perfect time to focus on the field of love.

Every moment 2020, the rams should be used in order to become better. The most useful tips for work will help in this. In the face of unforeseen difficulties, members of this Sign can turn for assistance to intuition.


To attract what you want in your life in 2020 Taurus will help the law of attraction. If you dream something big: the great love, of wealth, to visit new countries. We should not limit ourselves, because human resources are inexhaustible. The power of positive thinking can carry Calves through fire and water directly to triumph.

Of course, on the way there will be obstacles: for example, mood swings in the end and the beginning of the year. Any period of transition will be accompanied by doubts and thoughts like, “what would happen if”. You need to focus on what you have in life at the moment, and not waste resources on analysis that has not happened.


The end of summer and beginning of autumn for the Twins will not be the most favourable time, because the stars and planets contribute to the exacerbation of the worst character traits of these people. Like someone would be much more difficult, but even in this case, the Twins will still be able to stay in the spotlight, because they have the charm and sense of humor. You need to smile more and to help colleagues, friends and family.

The best time for the Twins — the beginning and the end of the year. It was at this time the planets and stars will become the most creative. These periods are ideal for travel, shift work and environment. You can update your wardrobe, change the hairstyle. Any innovations give inspiration for creative activities and work in General.


Cancers, the year begins not the best way. Will constantly break important things, happen something unpleasant. The first pancake is always lumpy, so you just need to be patient. A couple of weeks after the beginning of the year there will come a period of calm. You can dedicate it to building plans, work, introspection. Before the beginning of spring it is advisable to take care of your health.

Closer to the summer there will be another energy transformation that will have a positive impact on the creative potential of Cancers, their intellectual performance. These people will be able to optimize your work and be prepared for the best. Financial flows will remain powerful until the end of 2020, so the second half of the year, you can devote a important purchases.


The success of the lions will largely depend on their actions and not from luck. Become successful will help five easy steps to happiness. Astrologers strongly advise to follow the earlier plans and not change them at the last moment.

Planning is important not only in financial but also in love field. Not a good move Dating and break previous promises. The year will be ideal to travel together and Affairs. Family Lions need to spend more time with the kids and other half. Better often to visit his parents.


Virgos are the beginning of a very successful period. Even if it seems that everything is upside down, it was pre-thought out Universe. Astrologers often recommend to listen to the heart in difficult situations and not be afraid to act quickly.

Throughout all twelve months of the Virgins is to be very careful with unknown or unfamiliar people. Signs of positive and negative energy will help them to know in advance how you set the person and what kind of aura he possesses. Should avoid contact with negative personalities because they will pull Virgins for him on the bottom.


Scales in 2020, it is better to set yourself on your daily fortune. Morning rituals for luck and success will always stay in shape and be a step ahead of his enemies and detractors.

The stars don’t want Scales were measures such as revenge and open conflict. Any troubles have to solve the maximum peaceful. In this case, the surrounding will penetrate to the representatives of this Sign of genuine respect. Kindness and peace is always better than aggression. That is, according to astrologers, and will be a key rule for the Weights in 2020. Good always wins, so it is better from the start to be on the light side.


Be happy all you want, but Scorpions don’t need to convert the year 2020 in the blind pursuit of everyday happiness. Better to just follow the five basic laws of the Universe to luck Scorpions. It is a very dynamic year in which success will then come, then go. Will have to be patient.

The second half of the year is perfect for job change, search for new Hobbies, for love of adventure. Until the end of spring it is better to be very calm and calculating. Risk astrologers strongly recommend. The most important area of life at the beginning of the year will work, but you’ll gradually switch to love.


Archers tend not to draw on other people’s problems, but in 2020 this can happen regularly. This can be avoided if you often think about yourself and your family. This is not selfishness, but a necessary measure, because altruism this year will not bring the Sagittarius any good. If you do too much good then others will try to sit on the neck.

The most important thing is to perform all of its duties and not to forget the constant development. Spring and summer are ideal for obtaining new knowledge and skills. In autumn and winter and these skills need to be applied in full.


For Capricorn a source of good luck is the right attitude. Morning meditation will help to tune in to good day. Before each new case would also need to encourage yourself to deal with fear and uncertainty. You need to remember that any outcome is very important for the future. If something does not work, then the universe wants to make a Capricorn wiser.

Less obstacles in the way of the Capricorn will be in the summer and at the end of the year. During these periods you need to send all their domestic resources to achieve the earlier goals, and it’s not just about work but about love. Representatives of this Sign love to shut out the world, but in this way the relationship will not work. Need to be more sociable.


Aquarians have the main areas this year will be finances, work, business and Affairs. You should pay attention to the signs the Universe is warning you about fast profits. You can also listen to my intuition, which will increase the stars and planets at the beginning of the year. It will be a very emotional year that is sure to leave its mark in the memory of Aquarius.

In January should do with their appearance, health. Need to spend more time in the fresh air, change of scenery. This will increase the chances of success in all areas and attract good luck. Work is good, but in 2020 we must rest in order not to burn out.


Fish are often referred to as the most narcissistic signs of the Zodiac. In 2020 it may become a source of problems for these people. That is why astrologers recommend to be closer to family and friends, to avoid selfishness. This would be especially helpful in the summer and fall. The spring can fully devote themselves and their needs.

Fish will be bright and attractive to members of the opposite sex, so many will be able to start a new relationship. They started well, better not to provoke the loved one on jealousy. In relationships with friends and loved ones will need more responsiveness.

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