The President of Ireland got into a scandal because of his wife's letter about the war in Ukraine


The President of Ireland got into a scandal because of his wife's letter about the war in Ukraine

Parliamentarians were outraged by the words of Sabine Higgins, who wrote that hostilities in Ukraine would continue until the world convinces the presidents of the warring countries to sit down at the negotiating table.

Irish President Michael Higgins has come under fire after his wife Sabine Higgins wrote a letter to the Irish Times calling for a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine. According to the British edition of The Independent, the politician was asked to explain to the Irish the position of his wife.

Sabina Higgins wrote that hostilities in Ukraine will continue until the world convinces Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky “to agree to a ceasefire and negotiations”.

The words of the wife of the Irish president caused a wave of criticism from parliamentarians who turned to Higgins with a demand to clearly define his position on Ukraine. Thus, Malcolm Byrne, a deputy from the Irish party Fianna Fail, noted that such letters are unacceptable on official sources, and the president himself must clearly state his support for the Ukrainian people.

“Mrs. Higgins has the right to her personal opinion and express him, although I believe that she is completely wrong in trying to see the equivalence in the positions of Ukraine and Russia,” Byrne said.

According to him, the decision to publish the letter on the president's website looks terrible and raises serious questions.

Fine Gael Senator John McGahon spoke in harsher terms. He stated that Sabina Higgins' letter was inappropriate, useless and disgusting, and her views do not coincide with the views of the Irish people.

“The letter is part of the narrative propagated by Russian apologists that two sides are to blame for this war. While Russia alone is to blame,” the senator wrote.

At the same time, there were those among European politicians who supported Sabina Higgins and expressed solidarity. Irish MEP Claire Daly told The Irish Times that the position to resolve the conflict in Ukraine through diplomacy has a right to exist.

“Peace as a result of negotiations is not a defeat, it is an agreement reached between the parties “If the terms are unacceptable to either side, then it is impossible to agree. Without any attempt at negotiations, the massacre continues, and the arms manufacturers laugh their heads off,” Daly said.


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