The price of fuel in Ukraine will decrease again


July 2, 2017, 08:56 | Business

During this week, fuel in Ukraine has become cheaper by 40-50 kopecks. According to experts, this process will continue.

The price of fuel in Ukraine will decrease again

Now in Ukraine, the average price of a liter of A-95 gasoline is UAH 24.55, liquefied gas – UAH 10.92, and diesel fuel – UAH 22.30.

Why is the price of fuel getting cheaper? Over the past month, the price of a barrel of oil on world exchanges has dropped from $53 to $46, explains the director of the “A-95 Consulting Group''. Serhii Kuyun in the comments to “Facts”. This leads to a gradual decrease in the price of fuel produced from this oil. Now Ukraine imports European fuel already for new ones – lower prices. Accordingly, prices at gas stations began to fall. According to the expert, during the next week the price of a liter of fuel at gas stations will decrease by approximately one hryvnia.

Also, the current rate of the national currency is a factor affecting the price of fuel. According to the director of special projects of the NTC "Psyche" Gennadiy Ryabtseva, when the price of oil drops by 1 percent, it will give reasons to lower the price of gasoline by 10 kopecks in two weeks. At the same time, a change in the exchange rate against the dollar by 1 hryvnia leads to a change in the cost of fuel by 60 kopecks. Now in Ukraine there is a coincidence of both factors, – oil is getting cheaper, and the hryvnia is strengthening. This creates conditions for a further reduction in the cost of fuel at domestic gas stations.


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