The price of paper is hurting the book industry

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The price of paper is hurting the book industry

Printing a book is much more expensive than before.

The rise in the price of paper for nearly a year has been causing headaches for players in the book industry, who are struggling to find solutions. As the Estrie Book Fair is in full swing, publishers are appealing for help.

Book sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic . According to the crowds at the Salon du livre de l'Estrie since Thursday, the trend is not about to fade. However, the incessant increase in the price of paper weighs on the income of many publishers.

I just published my third book from the same collection, so I have no choice but to hold the price. For this one, the paper cost a dollar more, which means that I lose money every time it is sold in bookstores, said Tricia Lauzon, author and publisher at Éditions Lo-Ély.

We increased [the price of our books] by 10%, then it's not much, added Marcel Leblond, educational advisor at Éditions de l'Envolée .

Some publishers, such as Luzerne Rousse CEO Sophie Vaillancourt, print smaller quantities of books, while others change the page count of their books.

We must reduce the size of the writing in the books to reduce the number of pages. We're going to ask for shorter manuscripts or we're going to increase the cost of the books.

The players in the book chain do not see any way out of the crisis in the short term. Knowing that the industry is difficult and that costs will continue to rise, the president of Précigrafik, Gilles Blais, buys a lot more paper than before, to store it.

“Over the past six months, there has been an increase of approximately 30% in the cost of paper. »

— Gilles Blais, president of Précigrafik

He explains the situation by the popularity of online sales, which would cause a paper scarcity phenomenon.

There is a displacement of the fiber, which is used to produce both paper and the box, to the highest bidder. As [cardboard] packaging and delivery is popular, consequently there has been travel.

The President of the National Association of Book Publishers , Jean-François Bouchard, anticipates short-term repercussions.

Does this represent a risk of the impoverishment of "bibliodiversity", the answer is clearly yes. This is the number one concern of all my fellow publishers in the profession today.

He wants to raise awareness among decision-makers, because he solutions will have to be found.

“Our partners, including granting agencies and government, need to understand that we don' x27;is not out of the woods, it is the case to say it. »

— Jean-François Bouchard, President of the National Association of Book Publishers

The Ministry of Culture is currently assessing the consequences of the increase in the price of paper and mentions by email that actions could be taken if necessary.

According to the report by Thomas Deshaies

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