The price tag does not skip the rubbish collection fees. In some places, prices have risen by as much as 300 percent

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Waste collection rises.

 The prices are high on the collection fees. In some places, prices have increased by as much as 300 percent

According to the “O2” portal, the costs of collecting garbage are rising from time to time and always arouse a lot of emotions. Unfortunately, we are facing another rise in prices, driven by record high inflation. In some localities, garbage disposal prices may increase by as much as 300 percent. Get to know the details!

The inhabitants of these places will pay the most

Some cities have already raised the rate for collecting rubbish from their residents, some are planning to do so in the near future. The first group includes, inter alia, two towns from the Lesser Poland voivodeship – Tarnów and Kraków. In the former, the rates increased on August 1 from the previous PLN 24 to PLN 30 per person in the case of a selective collection.

In the capital of Małopolska, the fee increased slightly less, from PLN 23 to PLN 27. City authorities indicate that the price increases for residents are the result of rising costs of collection, transport and storage of waste.

 The high price does not skip the collection fees. In some places, prices have risen by as much as 300 percent

Some & oacute; 300 percent is waiting for you. increase in fees for collection of rubbish

In the Wielkopolskie voivodship, entrepreneurs had to come to terms with the increase in prices for waste collection, up to 300%. Portal “Bankier” calculated that the rate for a 120-liter waste container, entrepreneurs now have to pay PLN 26.80 instead of the previous PLN 6.69.

Of the largest cities in Poland, the inhabitants of Łódź pay the most for waste disposal. In the case of a family of 4 living in an apartment with an area of ​​60 m2, the fee is PLN 111.60. For a family of the same number, living in a house with an area of ​​120 m2, the fee for waste collection is PLN 136.

 The price does not pass by fees for collection of rubbish. In some places, prices have risen by as much as 300 percent

In Warsaw, families pay PLN 85 and PLN 107 respectively in the same situation. In Szczecin, regardless of whether our model family lives in an apartment or at home, they will pay PLN 111.60 a month for collecting waste.

And you are after a raise, or maybe in yours the village managed to avoid rising prices for waste disposal?

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