The prices are bouncing. In Poland, we will pay more for baking than in Paris. Another example hit the web


Another internet user shared a photo of the shocking prices in Poland. This time it was for a lamb in Wrocław.

 The prices are high. In Poland, we will pay for baking more expensive than in Paris. p> It cannot be denied that there is an economic crisis in the world, which has also hit Poland hard. Inflation in June exceeded fifteen percent and continues to rise. Obviously, this causes higher prices for fuel, transport, goods and services. </p>
<p> The portal & ldquo; o2 & rdquo; states that it is visible in everyday life and every day more and more people complain about the already cosmic costs. </p>
<p> Recently, a photo taken in Wrocław by the economist Rafał Mundry, who wanted to buy a lamb in housing estate bakery. He was surprised, however, by the price of the baking. You had to pay sixteen zlotys for the play, which was met with considerable disbelief by other commentators who hoped it was a fake. </p>
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