The prices in the stores make you dizzy. The price of one of the products is extremely electrifying

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The price of rapeseed oil is breaking new records.

 The prices in the shops are really confusing. The price of one of the products is extremely electrifying

As the “O2” portal reminds us, we have been suffering from rising inflation in recent months. According to a quick reading by the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), inflation in September exceeded 17 percent. The last time we had a similar result in 1997. Not one of us rubs his eyes with amazement at the prices of subsequent articles. A resident of Warsaw summed up the price of rapeseed oil with the words: “the world is crazy”.

Life more and more expensive

Inflation does not spare us and does not spare our household budgets. . Last month alone, the average price increase was 17.2 percent. The largest increase was recorded in the case of electricity. In comparison, they increased by 44.2 percent year-on-year. Food prices jumped 19.3 percent and fuel prices jumped 18.3 percent.

Unfortunately, the experts do not have good news for us. There is nothing to expect an improvement in the situation in the near future. Economists point out that prices could rise by 20 percent this year, although everyone hopes it can be avoided.

Rapeseed oil prices

As calculated by the Central Statistical Office from last October to October this year, rapeseed oil prices increased by 85 percent. When reaching for this product on store shelves, we have to take into account a considerable expense.

Mr. Tomasz, who in one of the Warsaw stores under the Carrefour Express brand, wanted buy rapeseed oil. With a liter package of this product, he saw the price of PLN 17.99. A liter bottle cost PLN 14.45.

 Prices in stores are a real headache. The price of one of the products is extremely electrifying.

The photo shows that we can find more expensive oils (including for PLN 19.99). The man, seeing such prices, did not hide his shock. “The world has gone mad” – the man replied.

And by what price have you been shocked recently?

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