The prices of the last goodbye are blistering. Burial costs will ruin many household budgets

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Where can a funeral be the most expensive?

 The prices of the last farewell crash with n & oacute. funeral expenses. He compared the prices of the burial (including the payment for the place in the cemetery and the funeral parlor services), as well as the funeral services. He checked what it looks like in large cities and smaller towns. His conclusions are devastating. The funeral allowance will not cover all costs, which in some Polish cities can reach up to 10,000 zlotys. PLN.</p><p>The media, representatives of the funeral industry and Poles themselves have been sounding the alarm for a long time, pointing out that the funeral allowance is not able to cover the costs related to the funeral of the deceased. The creator of the channel “Checking How”, analyzed the situation and came to the same conclusion – the state paid 4 thousand. PLN is not enough to cover the cost of the funeral.</p><p>Funeral costs vary depending on the place of residence of the person, but it is common in all cases that the cost of the funeral exceeds the amount of the allowance. In towns where the population does not exceed 50 thousand. os & oacute; b, the funeral costs on average just over 8,000. zloty. Where the number of inhabitants is below 200,000, the cost increases to 8.5,000. zloty.</p><p><iframe width =

In larger cities with up to 600,000 inhabitants. os & oacute; b, the funeral costs about 9 thousand. zloty. In the capital, the costs of the burial are PLN 14,680. YouTuber determined that the cost of funeral services in Warsaw is nearly PLN 9.5 thousand. zloty. In the capital city, we deal with the highest rate for a place in a cemetery – here it amounts to PLN 3,230.

For comparison, in towns of up to 200,000 inhabitants, the cost of a place in the cemetery is on average PLN 800. In towns up to 50 thousand. os & oacute; b, the cost of the place in the necropolis is about PLN 1,200.

Are there any chances for a higher funeral grant?

The amount of the funeral grant has not changed since 11 years and is still 4 thousand. zloty. In July this year, the Polish Association of Trade Unions asked the Ministry of Family and Social Policy to increase the amount of the benefit.

In response to the request, the ministry informed that work on increasing the benefit was underway. . It would increase by PLN 1,000. Final decisions, however, were not made.

 The prices of the last farewell are high. The costs of the funeral will ruin many home budgets

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