The priest conducted a baptism “baby Yoda”

Священник провел обряд крещения «малыша Йоды»

Video of the ceremony he posted on the social network

On TikTok there are many weird, but funny content, and the last video of the priest to be baptized “baby Yoda”.

The priest told the journalists The Daily Dot that he is a fan of “Star wars” and also a big fan of baptism. Peters also shared that the idea for the video came with the toy. So, the man uploaded the video with the child holding doll baby Yoda, and wrote: “Are you the candidate in Holy baptism.” In the video, the baptism occurs under the classic theme of “Star wars”.

According to Peters, the baptismal shirt, which was on Iodine, belongs to his son, and the candle used in the rite, is also a candle with a baptism.

It is worth noting that many fans of “Star wars” talking about the baby Yoda since, as Mandalorian first introduced precious little ball of green, and the last few weeks, the network was full of videos, memes and conversations on the topic of baby Yoda. It is therefore not surprising that the priest had chosen such a character to his Tiktok.

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