The priest, popular on the Internet, dispelled all doubts. It is already known whether such behavior is a sin

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Father Sebastian Picur dispelled all doubts.

 A priest popular on the Internet has dispelled all doubts. We already know whether such behavior is a sin

According to the website “O2”, Father Sebastian Picur is one of those clergymen who enjoy great recognition on the web. The clergyman willingly uses social media, which allow him to reach a large number of the faithful, especially the young. Recently, the priest decided to answer the doubts of one of the internet users. What were they about?

Is it a sin or not a sin?

Recently, Father Sebastian Picur posted an answer on TikTok to the doubts that one of the Internet users were having about singing Christmas carols outside Christmas season. The Internet user was curious if it was a sin or not. We have no doubts about it now.

Father Sebastian Picur assured that singing Christmas carols outside the Christmas season is neither a sin nor anything inappropriate. At the same time, he encouraged us to wait for the right time to sing them, which will allow us to enjoy this extraordinary time even more.


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Carol money

Some time ago, a priest revealed what the money collected during the time was used for pastoral visits, popularly known as Christmas carols. Fr. Picur emphasized then that the voluntary sacrifice that parishioners make during the carol visit is spent, among other things, on the costs of maintaining the parish.

“Voluntary donations from the carol are allocated to: construction, renovation, equipment , maintenance of the parish temple, pastoral needs of the parish, diocese, works of mercy, a gift for a priest for a service “- explained Fr. Picur.


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such an answer?

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