The Prime Minister of Malta has decided to resign amid protests over the murder of a journalist (PHOTO)

Премьер-министр Мальты решил уйти в отставку на фоне протестов из-за дела об убийстве журналистки (ФОТО)

The Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat announced his decision to resign amid mass protests over the murder investigation of journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia, accusing him of corruption. It is reported by Times of Malta. Muscat promised 12 January to resign as leader of the labour party and then as Prime Minister. He will continue to perform their duties up to this day, the President has been informed about the decision.

The publication notes that the statement came amid protests in Valletta: its members demanded the immediate resignation of Prime Minister for justice in the murder case of Galicia. The leader of the Nationalist party Adrian Delia said that the opposition no longer recognises the legitimacy of Muscat and will boycott the activities of the government.

“Joseph Muscat does not understand that the murder of Daphne Caruana Galicia occurred due to the disintegration of the institutions of the country, does not understand that this tragedy happened because the people close to him, for which it bears political responsibility, felt they were above the law. And he never had to participate in the investigation of the activities of the people he defended for years,” said Delia. The Muscat has promised a fair trial for the murder of the journalist, saying the arrest of three suspects, including the customer of a crime.

“The decisions I took were in the interests of the common good… no One is above the law. I always made decisions that I seemed to meet national interests,” said Muscat. The parliamentary group of the labour party expressed its unanimous support to the Prime Minister.

Journalist, the Times of Malta Daphne Caruana Galicia died in October 2017 in a car bombing. She specialized in investigations of corruption and relations of the officials with the crime. Was well-known publications on the topic of “Panama archive”.

In 2016 Caruana Galicia accused Joseph Muscat and his wife of corruption. The journalist claimed that the wife of the Prime Minister is an offshore company in Panama, which cooperates with the company associated with the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

In November 2019, the police detained the businessman jørgen Fenech – owner of the company in Dubai, which the journalist was connected with politicians in Malta. Muscat confirmed that the investigation is interested in Fennec Fox, but from the further comments has refused. This was followed by the high-profile resignation of officials suspected of financial links with Fenech.

The posts have left the head of the administration of Prime Minister Keith Schembri and tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi, and the Minister of economy, investment and small business Christian Cardona temporarily resigned after questioning by the police. All three deny involvement in the murder of Galicia. Have Schembri was raided and he was detained. Police also detained the doctor Fenech adriana vellu. It is assumed that he could secretly to convey the business message from the head of administration of the Prime Minister.

Fenech after the arrest sought a pardon in exchange for valuable information. He claimed that he was the middleman in the chain that leads to the murder of Galicia. Family of killed journalist speaks out against the pardon. On November 26, Prime Minister of Malta has granted immunity to the defendant Melvin Teemu, who shared important to the investigation information.

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