The rapid spread of the coronavirus in China, disinfect banknotes (video)

Стремительное распространение коронавируса: в Китае дезинфицируют банкноты (видео)

In China because of the coronavirus Covid-19 decided to conduct disinfection cash yuan. Banknotes of the provinces affected by the outbreak, will be collected in a separate storage, and then processed with ultraviolet light and/or detrimental to the virus by temperature.

As reported the Agency “Xinhua”, the banks took into account that the virus remains active for 14 days. In any case, the banknotes after the treatment will be maintained on a two-week quarantine and only after that again run into circulation.

Special measures are envisaged to Wuhan city — the epicenter of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. To ensure circulation in the city a “clean” money, the Chinese authorities have sent Wuhan, a large consignment of new banknotes for a total amount of 4 billion yuan (570 million dollars).

Recall from the beginning of the outbreak was 67 thousand cases of infection from the new virus. 1527 sick died, the first recorded fatal case in Europe. According to forecasts of the world health organization, in the most pessimistic scenario to be infected with the virus can two-thirds of the world’s population.

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