“The reaction will be symmetrical”: Medvedev again threatened Sweden and Finland because of NATO


"The reaction will be symmetrical": Medvedev again threatened Sweden and Finland because of NATO

According to Medvedev, the reaction of the Russian Federation will allegedly depend on how they continue to build foreign policy these two countries.

Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev again began to threaten Sweden and Finland because of joining NATO. Medvedev published the threats on his Telegram channel.

“As for our reaction to the accession of these countries to NATO, as the president of our country said, this reaction will be symmetrical,” said the Security Council chairman, once again referring to the entry of the two countries into the Alliance.

However, he did not specify what he meant by “symmetrical reaction”.

But he added that the reaction of the Russian Federation would allegedly depend on whether How will Sweden and Finland build their foreign policy further: will they choose a neutral path or will they provide their territory for military bases.

“That is, they can choose a different path of movement within the North Atlantic Alliance: either moderate, or, as they say, to completely “open the gate” and make a decision to create bases on its territory, to deploy strike weapons,” Medvedev said.

The Finnish Foreign Minister said that the military defense capability of her country, the readiness of the civilian population for national defense and resilience Finns increase the strength of bl eye.


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