“The real curse”: Navalny spoke about Russia after Putin’s loss in the war with Ukraine

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According to the Russian oppositionist, imperial authoritarianism is constantly reviving in Russia. Therefore, she needs a new form of government that will change the attitude of the elites towards war.

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Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who is now in prison, said that the Russian authorities in the future should not want to start wars. War should not be perceived by the Russian leadership as a method of solving problems. Navalny's article was published in The Washington Post.

According to the politician, Ukraine's victory in the war is a tactic, since the current Russian President Vladimir Putin will be able to “sell” to the electorate the idea that Russia lost to NATO and the collective West, not Ukraine itself.

Obsession with Ukraine

According to him, an innate feature of the post-Soviet government of the Russian Federation is jealousy for the successes of Ukraine. Thus, the Russian elite considers any of its acquisitions a loss. This dislike was especially strengthened after 2004, when the “Orange Revolution” took place.

“Control over Ukraine is the most important symbol of faith for all Russians with imperial views, from officials to ordinary people,” Navalny wrote.


Attitude towards war

As for wars, the impulse of aggression, according to Navalny, comes from a minority of society. This is especially true of the current Russian elites. Now they have formed the opinion that the war can solve domestic political problems. The politician writes that the leader of the Russian Federation, who came to power after Putin, may perceive the war in the same way.

“The war raises Putin's rating due to the over-mobilization of the imperial-minded part of society,” Navalny wrote.

However, according to him, only a few in the Russian Federation outside the power elites suffer from an obsession with Ukraine. Despite the work of propaganda, the suffering of Ukrainians resonates with the “souls of young voters” from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The political structure of the “new” Russia

The article says that imperial authoritarianism is the real curse of Russia and the cause of all its troubles. Russia cannot get rid of him. The strategic goal, according to Navalny, should be to give the Russian people back the opportunity to make the right choice.

“Russia needs a parliamentary republic, and only it will stop the endless cycle of self-reviving imperial authoritarianism,” Navalny is sure.< /p>

He writes that this will help limit power in the hands of one person, form a judicial system, form a government with a parliamentary majority, which has never happened in Russia.

Otherwise, according to Navalny, imperial authoritarianism will prevail again and Russia will again start a new war.

We also recall that in the Russian Federation they started talking about a direct military conflict with NATO. The State Duma announced the opposition of the Alliance to the “leading nuclear power.” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova used more figurative language – Russia is moving forward “in the name of light and with God.”