The reason for the departure of Queen Elizabeth II has come to light. The death certificate gives more details on this

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What was the cause of Queen Elizabeth II's death?

 The reason for the departure of Queen Elizabeth II has been revealed. The death certificate reveals more details on this topic

As the portal reminds” Pomponik “, Queen Elizabeth II, died on Thursday, September 8 at the age of 96. The monarch left at her Scottish estate, Balmoral. The death certificate of the ruler not only revealed the cause of her death, but also revealed the date of death of Elizabeth II. Get to know the details!

Era's end

Queen Elizabeth II sat on the British throne for 70 years. Her coronation took place on June 2, 1953, although she formally took the throne more than a year earlier, on the day of the death of her father – King George VI (February 6, 1952). When she took office, Winston Churchill was Prime Minister.

Just two days before her death, Queen Elizabeth II entrusted the mission of forming a government to Boris Johnson's successor, Liz Truss. With the departure of the ruler, an era ended. The reign has now passed into the hands of King Charles III, who has already gone down in history as the oldest ascending ruler.

Cause of Elizabeth II's death

Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8. That day at noon there was a disturbing message that doctors were deeply concerned about the state of the monarch. Members of the British royal family began to flock to Balmoral, where she was staying, which for many meant only one thing – the ruler's life was coming to an end.

On September 29, media around the world published a death certificate of the queen. It shows that “Elżbieta Aleksandra Maria Windsor died exactly at 3:10 pm. The document stated” old age “as the cause of her death.

The person who informed about the death of the queen was her only daughter – Princess Anna. also her older brother, King Charles III, watched with the departing Elizabeth II.

How do you think Charles III would handle governing?

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