The reasons why Osasuna will challenge the Copa de la Reina tie against Barcelona

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The reasons why Osasuna will contest the Copa de la Reina tie against Barcelona

The Barça beat the team. against Osasuna by 0-9 in the round of 16 of the Copa de la Reina . However, as of today, the azulgranas do not have a guaranteed pass to the quarterfinals, as they run the risk of being left out of the competition due to improper alignment.

The resource that the Fundación Osasuna Femenino seizes on is the red card that Geyse Ferreira saw in the last match of the Copa de la Reina last year. He ended his campaign against Madrid CFF, which allegedly prevented him from participating in the match played yesterday at El Sadar.

The Navarrese entity has issued a statement in which it highlights this situation and affirms that will challenge the tie for the alleged improper alignment of the Brazilian soccer player from Barça , who also scored the goal. one of his team's goals.

Osasuna admits the superiority of Barça

In the letter, Osasuna defends its interests “acknowledging at the same time, from the maximum sportsmanship and respect towards the blaugrana institution, his superiority on the field of play”.

< h3>Communiqué from the Osasuna Femenino Foundation

“The Fundación Osasuna Femenino will resort to the complaint. the match corresponding to the round of 16 of the Copa de la ReinaHe was brought before Fútbol Club Barcelona for the improper alignment of the soccer player Geyse Ferreira. The board of directors of the entity has adopted the decision after the dispute of the match motivated by the respect that its players and fans deserve in the face of the evident infraction of the Regulations”, can be read in the statement.

The regulations of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) indicates that an expelled footballer must serve a sanction in the next match of the competition. The appeal is pending the resolution of the governing body of soccer in Spain.

Repeated case

This is not the first time that a similar situation has occurred in Spanish soccer. One of the most remembered was the one that cost him his life. This caused Real Madrid to be eliminated from the Copa del Rey against Cádiz in 2015, due to Denis Cheryshev was present, who also came out of the festival. of owner. Despite the fact that the Russian scored the goal. three minutes into the match, he was substituted at the end of the first half, after the coaching staff of the white team, which at that time was winning 0-1 and ended the game. prevailing by 1-3, was aware of the improper alignment.