The rebellion of the ultra-Republican wing frustrates the election of the president of the US Congress for the third day

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The rebellion of the ultra-Republican wing frustrates the election of the president of the US Congress for the third day

< p>In the last few hours there have been concessions, “positive conversations; and, supposedly, “advances”. Even so, the The United States Congress remains paralyzed by the refusal of a handful of far-right Republicans to vote for Kevin McCarthy to preside over the House of Representatives . This Thursday the seventh and eighth ballot in the election process that started in the presidential election. Tuesday, and that for the first time in a century the issue was not resolved. in the first round, they were again inconclusive. The ninth has started with the same perspectives. And McCarthy's escape routes continue to narrow.

The Californian's 20-strong anti-election rebel group is on the loose. entrenched in their opposition total. Even after the negotiations of the last hours and the apparent agreement of McCarthy to grant them some of their demands, including that a single congressman can initiate the process of impeachment of the leader, the seventh vote has had The final result was the same as Thursday's: 201 votes for him versus 212 for Democrat Hakeem Jeffries, 20 for other candidates and one “present.”

The eighth also ended with McCarthy unable to reach the 218 votes he needs. And nothing changed for the ninth, with which the victory will be fought. the 1923 record, It was just over a century ago, the last time the country was not elected. 'speaker' in the first round, and when nine votes were needed in three days.

The hardest core of the rebellion continues promising never to vote for McCarthy. And even for someone as ambitious as him, who has acceded to claims that would greatly limit his power, the math of election it still doesn't come out, at least for now.

“We are going to keep working until we fix it”, McCarthy said before the first round of votes this Thursday, also assuming that the result would not be favorable. “What we're doing is having really good conversation and breakthroughs. And I think everyone wants to find a solution”.

Frantic, fruitless negotiations

McCarthy has to submit to these votes that he knows he will lose because the rebels are also threatening not to give enough support to postpone the session while negotiations are underway (something that became clear on Wednesday night, when the session was postponed but only by an agonizing margin). And McCarthy must endure disgraceful rejection votes while those negotiations continue behind closed doors.

This Thursday, for example, the conversations continued even while voting was taking place. And in the office of Tom Emmer, one of the congressmen allied with McCarthy whose space in Congress has been the scene in recent days of many of these meetings, several of the most recalcitrant opponents entered this morning. to the candidate for ‘speaker’, such as Scott Perry, the president of the ultra Freedom Caucus and Chip Roy. Also present was Byron Donalds, the Florida congressman whom the opponents have been voting for since Wednesday (although Matt Gaetz this Thursday gave verbally in the seventh and eighth round his vote for Donald Trump, a symbolic gesture, especially after the ex-president has urged since Wednesday to vote for McCarthy, and also in the eighth round some rebels have voted for another Kevin, but Hern).

“Won't be enough”

McCarthy's hopeful words of a solution can be read more like wishful thinking than reality. Several of the rebels say that even if some of his colleagues change their vote and support McCarthy, “they won't be enough to make him speaker & rdquor;” in the words of Lauren Boebert, one of the recalcitrant opponents. “God bless you,” the Colorado congresswoman added.

Perry, the president of the Freedom Caucus, was also critical when entering the meeting in the office of Emmer. “There is no agreement. And it does not show good faith to filter the agreements of the discussion & rdquor ;, has denounced in reference to the information since Wednesday night about the last round of concessions that McCarthy is taking over. willing to do, a message that has also posted on Twitter.

Gaetz has also assured in statements to journalists that there are only two ways out for McCarthy: either He retires or accepts a straitjacket deal that would completely limit him as House speaker.

McCarthy , in front of them, he does not throw in the towel and in a statement to CNN he has been defiant. “ I'm not going anywhere “, he said. And when questioned about how long he plans to continue voting, he exclaimed: “ until I win “.