The reopening of gyms does not mean the death of online classes


The reopening of gyms does not mean the death of online classes

La pandemic and confinement have brought several athletes to online courses (archives).

Called to reinvent themselves during the multiple confinements, training and physical activity rooms have sometimes turned to the web to reach athletes at home and their recent reopening will not put a stop to this new trend.


At the start of the pandemic, we had absolutely nothing on the web, says the owner of the Metta yoga studio in Rimouski, Marie-Christine Fillion Parent.

Since then, his studio has put several pre-recorded courses as well as capsules on Youtube. It also offers virtual lessons on the Zoom platform.

While yoga enthusiasts can once again meet in person inside the studio, Fillion Parent has no plans to stop uploading videos to the web for yoga sessions at home.

Each person has a formula that they may like and it is therefore worth exploring, explains the owner of the studio, who describes the virtual offer as complementary.

There are people who cannot travel to the studio due to distance or illness, she illustrates. We must not forget that there are also people who may be in contact with people who have tested positive [for COVID-19], but who still want to maintain a practice.

< p class="e-p">This notion of complementarity is also found in the speech of the owner of Santé 2000 le Club, a gym also located in Rimouski.

It had been several years since we had in our boxes to develop online services, but the pandemic, with the second closure, clearly accelerated the process, says Claude Bellavance.

Rather rather than turning to more traditional platforms like Youtube, the gym has decided to join a group from Argentina that makes an online training video platform available in several languages.

Health 2000 the Club has since uploaded over 200 videos and plans to broadcast two to three live classes per week.

Several classes are offered by Santé 2000 le Club on the Radical Homefitness platform.

It's an avenue that we will keep , which we are going to improve even because we believe that there is a certain clientele who will not return to the gyms for various reasons and we want to keep in touch with them, explains Claude Bellavance.

“The virtual trend is here to stay and we didn't want to miss the boat. »

— Claude Bellavance, owner of Santé 2000 le Club

Improving this avenue, for Mr. Bellavance, is to draw inspiration from such American giants as Peloton in New York that even offers equipment rental to take online classes at home.

Bikes and dumbbells were even rented by the Club during the most recent containment.

The two establishments also observed that, despite the relaxation of sanitary measures allowing the reopening of the training rooms, some customers were still fearful of returning to train in person. .

There are people who, with teleworking, can no longer go downtown [to train], also adds Claude Bellavance.

< p class="e-p">The potential for growth is such that Santé 2000 le Club wishes to gain many more subscribers and reach athletes outside the greater Rimouski region.


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