The Retaliators: a metal trailer for the infernal revenge film


The Retaliators, the revenge film that takes a trip to hell and metal, is revealed in its trailer.

Tales of revenge are still the most popular, it seems. From Hamlet to The Count of Monte Cristo and from Old Boy to The Northman, there are a thousand examples that punctuate literature and cinema. It's always the same story: a cathartic and tragic quest, which promises a spectacle in which we will not be able to put down until its terrible outcome.

Some filmmakers have fun pushing the limits of such a theme to see how far they can go. Whether done with intelligence or pure jubilant pleasure, these films often overflow with violence and seize all the means at their disposal to take the viewer to the frontiers of morality. This is notably the project of The Retaliators, with and Michael Lombardi. This movie, which debuted at 2021's ScreamFest, appears to be delivering a particularly gory experience as its debut trailer revealed.

In The Retaliators, a pastor of integrity seeks answers regarding the brutal murder of his daughter. From his encounter with Jed, he discovers a particularly sordid way of getting revenge. The original soundtrack is signed by some of the great names in rock music(Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Tommy Lee, etc.) and claims to set the tone for this horror thriller.

As we can discover in the trailer, the main character is confronted with a universe populated by hostile and terrifying individuals, some of whom are d played by well-known artists from the metal scene. Among them, Jacoby Shaddix (singer of Papa Roach) and Tommy Lee (founder of Mötley Crüe).

We are divided on this violent and crazy delirium offered by the trailer for The Retaliators. If the escalation of violence and the references to metal aesthetics recall the excellent hallucinated Mandy trip (which was already divisive), the very first degree staging and the absence of a Nicolas Cage in freewheel somewhat drown out the interest of such an outburst. At the risk of a common entertainment that perhaps gets too angry for its own good, the film could however appeal to lovers of thrills and furious B series.

Remains a soundtrack and guests that could really satisfy fans of the genre. The Retaliators will be released on September 15 in our French cinemas and will only be visible on September 15 and 16, its exploitation being very limited. A rarity that gives us reason enough not to miss it.


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