The Return of the Mummy was very ugly (and it's the special effects boss who says so)


The Mummy Returns special effects supervisor has returned to the CGI disaster.

While we love to make fun of some disastrous and old special effects like those of Shark attack 3, released twenty years ago, much more recent works (like the villainous Cats and its horrible humans/cats) have proven that no, money and quality of special effects do not necessarily go hand in hand. Very recently, it was Marvel's special effects specialists who ranted, complaining about the working conditions and the production pace imposed by the company.

But Marvel movies weren't the first to get noticed for some botched effects, because before the very average Thor: Love and Thunder and its pitiful special effects, there was The Mummy Returns, directed in 2001 by Stephen Sommers, sequel to The Mummy, released in 1999. A certain Dwayne Johnson found his first role in the cinema >, but he has since redeemed himself and managed to make that first appearance… noticable.

Unlike many failed special effects that can be forgiven over time , when The Mummy Returns was released in 2001, the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, the sinking of the Titanic and many other technically very successful films have already been there. John Andrew Berton Jr., the film's CGI supervisor, who notably worked on Jurassic Parkbut also on The Mask and I, Robot, recently spoke about the catastrophic transformation of Dwayne Johnson into the Scorpion King, in a YouTube video from Corridor Crew:

“The problem with King Scorpion in this movie is that we didn't have the reference we needed. That's not really an excuse, but it might explain how things work in the industry. We of course requested to have a day with Dwayne Johnson to photograph his face, eyes and everything in detail, but because he was busy with his amazing WWE career, it was not possible. we had him for maybe three days, at Maroc, to shoot his scenes…

The actors' reaction to the horror

I think if we had more time, the animation would have worked better because it was supposed to be a bit cartoony. I think it made us realize that the plans weren't ready for the movie, despite some expectation and our desire to reach a certain level. The thing about this sequence is that there's a bunch of shots that don't look very good, but there's also a bunch that look really good…”

While John Andrew Berton Jr. didn't return to work on the other films in the franchise, Dwayne Johnson was uncooled and even got his spin-off/prequel with The Scorpion King, released in 2002. We can even say today that the film has probably survived the ages thanks to this famous scene which in no way tainted the success of the film , which has earned more than $440 million worldwide. Since then, Johnson has had a rather diverse career and we will find him from October 19, 2022 in Black Adam, with, we hopefully more successful CGIs.


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