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The right gesture to do for the 2023 time change: switch to winter time the right way

And here we are, the October 2023 time change, it's is this weekend. Here's what to keep in mind so as not to move on. side.

For those who, every year, wonder when the transition to the future takes place. winter time, remember that it always takes place on the last Sunday in October, and always at 3 a.m. How should we go about making this time change correctly without making a mistake? Remember this: this Sunday, October 29, at 3 a.m., it will officially be 2 o'clock.

So what is the right move? It's simple! You need to set your watch back one hour when you go to bed or when you get up this Sunday morning, to start the day fresh. the good time. While the majority devices now start ç automatically sets the time, there are still doubts for old watches and clocks.

The trick is repeated from year to year : àgrav; the end of the word octobRE, the time change consists of Move the hands back one hour.

Every year, the time change is a matter of concern. debates. Disrupting the biological rhythm for some, causing fatigue, sleep disorders and irritation, it is an aberration for others. In winter, in fact, France is already warm. one hour difference with its geographic time zone. The GMT+1 system has been implemented. adopted by the government since 1945 to better take advantage of sunshine hours. But by moving the time forward one more hour in the summer, Since 1975, France has had a second hour difference with the so-called “GMT” time. "Summer time" double" is thus opposed by several associations which emphasize that France is one of the rare countries to have adopted it.

The time change was made adopted à following the oil shock to achieve energy savings. According to Ademe, 1.3 billion kilowatts/hour are saved each year thanks to energy efficiency. this device, i.e. the energy consumption of a city of 200,000 inhabitants. A gain that opponents contest and minimize.

We are making savings, but not enough. In a study by the European Parliament dated 2017 on the effects of the double seasonal time change, MEPs conclude as follows: "If the time summer is beneficial to the market indoor use, in particular the transport sector, and leisure activities, [the time change] generates marginal savings in energy consumption and the #39;impact on other economic sectors is largely inconclusive."

A debate that goes beyond energy

Brightness A larger increase would make the roads a little safer at the end of the day in summer. according to the defenders of the time change while its detractors affirm that it is in the morning that the twilight becomes, in return, more accident-prone… In winter, the opposite modification on the other hand increases the risk of accidents depending on the safety road itself. It is also emphasized that the time change would shift a considerable amount of road traffic to the next day. schedules that would facilitate pollution of the atmosphere. The activity With the economy ending later each day than during the winter period, it is also the activity industrial which would move closer to the coldest hours, once again favoring pollution peaks. A point which could be important as the energy crisis and the risks of electricity cuts continue. This winter is real.

The debate on the time change therefore goes beyond the strict scope of energy. In many sectors, the time change can have an impact, such as in construction. The same is true of the agricultural sector where; activity usually starts very early in the morning and where it usually starts very early in the morning. sensitivity from beasts to the vagaries of time would be very strong. “Why the time change?”

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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