The Rings of Power: Sauron's identity finally revealed in the grand finale

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After eight episodes and many questions, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has finally revealed the identity of its main antagonist. SPOILER WARNING!

It was the ultimate thread that held us together and gave us the will to continue the adventure of the Rings of Power. The main mystery of the Amazon Prime Video series which, mired in a thousand and one subplots, had managed to excite our curiosity and throw us headlong into real investigative work. The question to which each week we found new potential answers: but who is Sauron? Both the main antagonist of The Lord of the Ringsand the major actor of the events to come in the series, his absence could not last and his shadow hovering over each episode only increased the theory that he was indeed present somewhere and closer than one might imagine.

The promise of the first season was therefore to reward our patience by finally showing us the future owner of the One Ring in its current form. Otherwise, the disappointment would have been very bitter for a work that is already dragging several balls under its feet. Fortunately, the promise was kept and a real answer was provided in the last episode. Its good. We know who Sauron is.

We went on the hunt ourselves and tried to guess Sauron's identity in anticipation of the final episode. And what a surprise! Our ideal candidate turned out to be indeed the undercover evil lord. The deception will not have resisted us – us and all the others who solved the mystery of shoddy one day eons ago. All the clues were there and it would have been difficult to find more obvious than Halbrand to cover up the disciple of Morgoth, among all the current cast of the series.

Indeed, the would-be king of the Southern Lands ended up putting his cards on the table (at least against Galadriel). Return Point of King bis, this ersatz Aragorn was really just a vile impostor, gifted with charm and cunning to deceive even one of the wisest Elves of Middle-earth (even if this is not obvious in the series). And to be honest, we are relieved.

Despite some predictability, this is probably one of the best possible choices for the series. Described as deceitful, charismatic and flirtatious in the works of Tolkien (contrary to the image he will have later in The Lord of the Rings), Sauron would have had hard to convince anyone to help him forge the rings if he had been Adar or even Meteor Man. On the contrary, in the guise of Charlie Vickers, the enterprise suddenly seems more plausible, or at least, logical.

Amidst a sea of ​​problems, here is perhaps one of the most interesting ideas in the Amazon Prime Video series. The tragic irony is all the stronger because not only was Galadriel's enemy with him all along, but she herself (in many ways and as he reminds her) pushed him to return to Middle-earth. Making her guilty despite herself of returning as he drifted in the ocean after leaving Valinor, the Elf's choices, guided by anger, will have effectively had the opposite result of what she wished.

Now what to do with that? That is the question. Despite a narrative arc that ended on an intriguing note, the fact remains that this late reveal proves to us that everything we've seen since the start of this season 1 was only a gigantic prologue. The rings are starting to be forged and our well-known nemesis, back in Mordor and probably about to say a few words to Adar, will finally come into action… maybe. The serious things should finally begin, even if it is with much (too) delay.

Season 2 of Rings of Power should take its time to arrive, an opportunity for the showrunners of the series to think about what's next and find out how not to screw up with their now main asset.

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