The rise of the dollar in Ukraine: how fuel prices will change


Rise of the dollar in Ukraine: how fuel prices will change

The growth of the dollar in Ukraine will not necessarily lead to an increase in fuel prices. The market has all the prerequisites for filling station prices to remain stable.

A sharp increase in the official dollar exchange rate in Ukraine will lead to an increase in prices for many imported products, but the cost of fuel may remain at the same level. This is the opinion of the director of A-95 Consulting Group Sergey Kuyun.

According to Sergey Kuyun, at first he predicted an increase in prices for filling stations – he believed that diesel at this exchange rate would rise in price to about 60-62 hryvnia per liter , and a liter of gasoline will cost 55-57 hryvnia. However, then the expert talked to fuel importers and corrected his forecast.

It turned out that the average customs prices for gasoline and diesel in July were overstated. This is due to the fact that importers have returned to the practice of leaving part of their profits abroad.

If, taking into account this fact, we calculate the cost of fuel in Ukraine according to the formula for state price regulation, then even after the dollar has risen immediately by 25%, it should not increase. In addition, one should take into account the fact that oil prices in the world have recently gone down. So there is every chance that the price tags at gas stations will remain unchanged.


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