The robot painted a mural dedicated to Ukraine on the House of Moscow in Vilnius (video)


The robot painted a mural dedicated to Ukraine on the Moscow House in Vilnius (video)

The mural will become a symbol of the unity of the Baltic countries and Ukraine.

In Vilnius (Lithuania) on A huge mural depicting a volunteer helping refugees and the Ukrainian military in Zaporozhye, Tatyana Drobotya, based on a photograph taken by Elena Titarenko, appeared in the House of Moscow, an abandoned building intended for demolition, Delfi reports. Thus, the structure has become a symbol of Ukraine's strength in the face of Russian aggression.

“Of course, we chose the “House of Moscow” not by chance. This building was supposed to become a symbol of Russia's power, we will now immortalize in it what causes convulsions in the Kremlin – Ukraine's decisive rebuff. In a certain sense, we are giving the House of Moscow to Ukraine. We can do it all together – artists, entrepreneurs and all people of good will,” the author of the idea, head of the Kiaurai sienas art laboratory Lina Slipaviciute told reporters.

 The robot painted a mural dedicated to Ukraine on the House of Moscow in Vilnius (video)

The unique photograph was spray-painted on the wall by the world's only robot artist Albert, created by the Robot Muralist team of engineers under the guidance of Estonian artist, engineer and inventor Mihkel Joal. Albert's most famous employer is Elon Musk. Last fall, this robot was hired to work on the facade of the Tesla Gigafactory in Germany.

Transportation of the robot Albert to Vilnius, its work and the purchase of paint cost 13 thousand euros, and the money for the project was collected as business representatives. and ordinary citizens.

Latvian journalist Sarunas Cerniauskas on his Facebook page showed all the stages of creating a mural.

The Ukrainian side has already responded to such a sign of support for the Lithuanians.

“The neo-fresco on the so-called House of Moscow will become a timely and powerful symbol of the unity of the Baltic States and Ukraine,” said Ukrainian Ambassador Petr Beshta.

The building used for the drawing was planned almost 20 years ago as a center for cultural and business cooperation between Vilnius and Moscow. It intended to house the organization “Moscow Center for Culture and Business “House of Moscow in Vilnius””, which held Maslenitsa holidays in the Lithuanian capital, organized exhibitions and concerts.

In January, the mayor of the Lithuanian capital Remigius Simasius announced his intention to demolish it building.

“If someone asks why a practically completed building is being demolished, it was built higher than allowed, and this is unacceptable. From an architectural point of view, this is a foreign body, from a functional one, unfinished and irrational “, he reported. The official is sure that this object is a Kremlin propaganda weapon, it poses a threat to the national security of Lithuania.

What will happen to the building after the mural appears on it is still unknown.


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