The Russian Embassy in Britain urged to hang the people of Azov


The Russian Embassy in Britain called for the Azovites to be hanged

“humiliating death” for Ukrainian defenders.

The embassy of the aggressor country in the UK said that Ukrainian servicemen from the Azov Regiment “deserve a humiliating death.” The message with the appeal was published on Twitter of the Russian embassy.

“Azov militants deserve execution, but not execution by shooting, but by hanging, because they are not real soldiers. They deserve a humiliating death,” the Russian embassy said in a statement. .

Twitter flagged a post as hateful and violates social media rules.[/embed ]

Recall that on July 29 Russian occupiers committed a terrorist act in a prison in Yelenovka, where they kept captured Ukrainian soldiers, including those from Azov. 53 people were killed, dozens more were injured.

Moscow claims that it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that hit their soldiers from HIMARS, but, for example, the Institute for the Study of War rejects this version. Read more about the terrorist attack in the material Explosion from within.

Earlier, our website said that Russia wants to execute the captured defenders of Azovstal.


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