The saddest episode of 'Masyanya': a new cartoon series brought the horrors of war to Russia


Masyanya has released its saddest episode yet. This is already the third episode of the cult animated series about the war in Ukraine.

 The saddest episode of 'Masyanya': a new cartoon series brought the horrors of war to Russia

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The creator of Masyanya, animator Oleg Kuvaev, decided to release an anti-war episode of the series in order to reach out to those who support Russia's war against Ukraine.

Oleg Kuvaev, the author of the legendary Masyanya, threw his favorite character and his friends into the very epicenter of hostilities in the new episode “Masyanya. Episode 162. St. Mariuburg “- naturally, radically changing the tone of their new cartoons. Because it wasn't funny. Absolutely.

According to the plot of the new issue, Masyanya and her family become witnesses and unwitting participants in the invasion of … China into Russia, reports ShakalToday. Say, in the PRC they decided that it was necessary to “denazify Russia from the Nazis.” In St. Petersburg (in the cartoon it is called St. Mariuburg, but everyone understands that St. Isaac's Cathedral can only be in one city), Masyanya's hometown, rockets and bombs are exploding, residents are hiding in the subway and bomb shelters … Yes, yes, we see all this in real life, but only in Ukraine. During the series, the characters of the cartoon are experiencing everything that thousands of Ukrainians have been experiencing since February 24, 2022. Under massive shelling, they are trying to evacuate the city, find food, hide from the bombing in the subway and refuse to believe in the reality of what is happening, according to Rush Hour.

Kuvaev just let the Russians feel what their authorities are doing on their own behalf — What hell are they pushing Ukraine and their country into, too.

The jokes are over. Now our beloved Masyanya is a victim of the war:

At the end of the series, the main character, addressing the audience, says: “After the Second World War, the inhabitants of German cities were forcibly taken on an excursion to concentration camps so that they could see everything with their own eyes. Here you are now looking. This war – a terrible shame for Russia and a curse. This curse will hang over Russia now for a long time, and the occupiers and murderers will burn in hell. And it's not Chinese, sorry. I'm sorry that the cartoon didn't come out funny, but what the hell is fun when so many people die every day. I'm freaking out.”

“Empathy – the main human feeling. The ability to empathize. The ability to put oneself in the place of another. This cartoon is addressed to those who, by some monstrous mistake, support the Russian-Ukrainian war”, – says the author's comment.

Oleg Igorevich Kuvaev is a Soviet, Russian, German and Israeli animator, screenwriter, director, painter and sculptor, owner of the Masyanya Kuvaeva YouTube channel. He is best known as the creator of the flash series Masyanya and BO Shop! , “How to Explain to Children” (episode 161)[12] and “St. Mariuburg” (episode 162).

He is single-handedly involved in the production of the series, both writing scripts and doing graphics, editing episodes and episode voice acting.


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