The sage explained what kind of people should be avoided. “Be Afraid of Fire”

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We all know first hand how our environment affects us.

The sage explained what kind of people should be avoided.

There is a famous saying: “Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are”

All over the world, friendship and understanding are highly valued. and respect. The sage listed 6 types of people to avoid:

Those who want to make you feel guilty

Beware of those who want to make you feel guilty because they want to have power over you. Often people call for guilt that starts eating the other person from the inside out. Try not to fall for such tricks!

Those who demand something from you

A strong person makes demands on himself and a weak person on others. Pay no attention to ridicule, insults and scathing comments. You should always pay attention only to yourself and your feelings, because only your condition depends on them.

Those who talk a lot and do little

The simplest truth: pay attention to actions, not empty words.

Those who are very lazy

By helping lazy people, you help them use themselves myself. You don't have to carry a lazy person who has no purpose and no motivation. Her life is in her hands.

Those who are naughty and often scandalous

Triggers and scandals are another way to attract attention other. If a person cannot express their opinion simply and clearly, it is not worth wasting time on it.

Those who are indifferent to other people's problems

There are always exactly ten steps between you and another person. If you did your high five and no one met you, don't give another high five.

Communicate only with those who are happy to see and hear you, with those who do not reproaches you, they do not try to impose their opinion on you, they do not try to belittle your dignity.

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