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The Samsung Galaxy S23  Ultra is priced at less than 900 euros

Still considered affordable. As one of the best releases of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra remains quite expensive in stores. However, it is possible to find it for much less on certain online sales sites!

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a successful bet for the Samsung company. The latter succeeded in achieving this goal. release a powerful smartphone due to its performance and autonomy. Halo After several excellent tests from the specialist press, the S23 Ultra is very well on its way to the title of smartphone of the year.

The only downside seems to be its price. Launched at the rate of 1419 € in France, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is clearly not an accessible smartphone. all. We would even be tempted to to talk about a premium smartphone when it comes to a device displayed above the symbolic level of 1000 €.

Please note that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has significantly decreased in price. prices since its release! If you want to acquire this high-end phone, it is better to turn to online merchants who offer multiple promotions rather than going to an official store where you can buy it. prices still remain high.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is priced at less than 900 euros

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

New à from €886.99; Used à from 909.99 €

  • Rakuten886.99 €See
  • Cdiscount929.99 €See
  • Fnac1418.98 €975.90 €See
  • Rue du Commerce999.00 €See
  • Amazon1079.00 €1049.00 €See
  • Ubaldi1059.00 €See
  • Electro Dépôt1154.98 €See
  • Darty1159 .00 €See
  • Boulanger1159.00 €See
  • Leclerc1245.00 €See
  • Red by SFR1419.00 €See
  • SFR1419.00 €See
  • Fnac1418.98 €909.99 €See
  • Rakuten886.99 €1048.00 €See

You will observe a drop of more than 400 euros on the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on certain sites like this from Rakuten. Samsung phones have always had the very good habit of seeing their price collapse quickly over the months following their release. What if it was the right time to crack?

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