The scandal after farewell to Elizabeth II. One of the politicians present at the ceremony posted something outrageous on the web. What was it

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Mexico's Foreign Minister Marcel Ebrard was deemed disrespectful after posting on Twitter a photo of himself and his wife he had taken ahead of today's historic ceremony.

 The scandal after goodbye to Elizabeth II. One of the politicians present at the ceremony, posted something outrageous on the Internet. What went wrong

Mexico's foreign minister has been criticized for & ldquo; disrespect & rdquo ;. It was about posting a selfie he had taken for himself and his wife minutes before going to the queen's funeral.

The network was boiling.

Marcel Ebrard recently posted a photo on his Twitter account in which he poses with his wife Rosalinda Bueso.

As reported by foreign media, he is now dealing with hate and a wave of negative comments after they were both seen smiling before the state funeral of Her Majesty the Queen.

Ebrard was one of 2,000 political figures and famous faces from around the world who paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in the Chapel of St. George in Windsor.

He signed the photo: & ldquo; At the state funeral of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II & rdquo ;.

Many users in social media quickly criticized politics, in one saying: & ldquo; I think taking a selfie at a funeral is disrespectful & rdquo ;.

& ndash; You're not at your birthday party to take a selfie, Marcelo. Act adequately. You represent Mexico.

Some people compared Mr. Ebrard's actions to those of a bewildered tourist visiting the Tower of London.

One person tweeted: & ldquo; Marcelo is a typical tourist who & oacute; Ry goes to disturb the Beefeaters and the king's guards to see if they move.

& ldquo; He's a statistical tourist who goes and wants to touch the Mona Lisa. He's a typical tourist who dumps the name of Mexico down a drain. Thank you, I am enjoying your visit & rdquo ;. Queen Elizabeth II's funeral is the first since Winston Churchill's time.

Before the service, the bell rang 96 times & ndash; once a minute for every year of Queen Elizabeth II's life.

Then 142 of the Royal Navy's seamen used ropes to pull out a tow truck carrying her flagged coffin to Westminster Abbey before caravans carried it into the church.

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