The secret of Lech and Maria Kaczyński came to light. Few people knew about it

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Maria and Lech Kaczyński were seen as a harmonious married couple and a caring couple.

The secret of Lech and Maria Kaczyński came to light. Few people knew about it

This could be seen at every step when the presidential couple was seen in public space. The president had an improved lapel of his jacket, an improved collar, or a “delightful” lock of hair. Anyone who understands such gestures will admit that each time it was a reflex, a habit, a routine for both of them. They were so natural in all this that it's hard to call these gestures behavior for the public.

Maria Kaczyńska stood by her beloved, regardless of the circumstances or situation. She supported both her husband and the head of state, although in front of the cameras we could see Leszek's loving wife more often than the first lady, the wife of the president.

“I will always stand by Leszek, take care of him until he dies. I am my husband's rock, he feels safe with me. I can't imagine one of us missing. It's best if we leave together…” – quoted the words of Krystyna Pytlakowska, a friend of Maria Kaczyńska, one of the widely read magazines.

Not everyone knows that Lech Kaczyński was younger than his beloved wife, which was rare at the time. There were seven years between them.

The president spoke to his wife in such a way that Maria was delighted

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Maria and Lech Kaczyński got married twice. The Kaczyńskis were also distinguished by the fact that they did not expose their mutual feelings to public view. The relatives and friends mention that the marital gestures from the alcove remained in the sphere of the alcove.

This, however, did not exclude certain situations in which tenderness and care could be seen between them, as if on the palm of your hand. When the first lady ran up to her husband to hand him an umbrella, a warm sweater in a plastic bag so he wouldn't get wet, or adjusting his shirt, many could see it as funny behavior of an annoying and overprotective wife. However, when we look at Lech Kaczyński's reactions, we immediately notice full acceptance, gratitude and acceptance of each of the gestures in a completely natural way.

As reported by “Super Express”, Lech Kaczyński often spoke to his beloved wife and about her “Marylka”, which was very suitable for Maria Kaczyńska. No one would be able to imagine Melania Trump straightening the collar of Donald's shirt without bursting out laughing… With the Polish presidential couple it was natural, spontaneous and tender – that is real!

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