The secret service took from trump’s phone when secretly took him from Florida to Washington, and then in Afghanistan (PHOTO)

Секретная служба забрала у Трампа телефон, когда тайно вывезла его из Флориды в Вашингтон, а затем в Афганистан (ФОТО)

The US President Donald trump on his secret trip to Afghanistan on Thursday, November 28, lost phone and access to Twitter.

According to the publication Politico, all devices and access points in the Network was confiscated from everyone who flew on the “Board number one”, including the President. However, while the President was on Board, his tweets are still sent from his Twitter account especially for this, “to those who follow trump, didn’t suspect anything because of what a lunatic on Twitter the President did not tweet, as it was last year, writes Politico.

Trump from the very beginning, the presidency has insisted that it will continue to use your personal phone, despite the objections of intelligence agencies and numerous publications in mass-media that it ostensibly allows you to spy on a tramp from foreign intelligence services.

Predecessor trump, Barack Obama, intelligence agencies were allowed to use the phone until the end of the presidency, and then turned off on it most of the features, including Wi-Fi and the location, reminds RIA “news”.

In addition, trump almost secretly brought to Washington from Florida, where he rested, and from there to Afghanistan. To mask the plane of trump remained in Florida, and the President flew to Washington on a military transport plane, after which he headed to Afghanistan on another liner, which is also used as “air force one”.

In addition, the group of journalists that accompanied the trump didn’t say where he was going, until landing in Afghanistan after a 13-hour flight. The plane flew to Washington and sat down at a military base in Afghanistan with the curtains drawn and the lights off in the cabin, said the journalists.

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